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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Review

It's so good, I mite just watch it again, in 3D!

Star Trek Into Darkness Review – Before the review, leme tell you what happened…I somehow missed the premier screening and was kicking myself over it till out of nowhere, my friend (Thanks Ganesh!) called me while I was just few stations away from reaching home… ‘Wey nak tengok Star Trek tonite tak?’ Say whuuuuuuuuuuuuttt!!! Nasib baik dalam lrt kalau tak dah jerit dah! but but but…I’m wearing baju kurung…hmm…nak turun and switch direction or balik tuka baju? Dalam kesemputan I managed to get home, tukar baju, feed and apologize to my kitties and zoomed my way to Curve via 2 lrt and a bus ride. Sampai dalam 5-10 minutes lambat je. Ok la kan?

Ok now, back to business…masuk lambat kan so I missed the beginning part a bit. Tengok-tengok Kirk (Chris Pine) dah inside a bar drinking his sorry arse for messing up a mission (in this case meant he saved Spock’s (Zachary Quinto) life from being burned in a volcano!) As the story goes Kirk gets a second chance (otherwise tadelah sequel ni kan?). 
It is hot in here or it's just me?
However, due to unforeseen circumstances, he loses his mentor and was bent on avenging his death by whacking a one man mass Weapon of Destruction (WD). This WD fella is later revealed as one of the Star Trek’s greatest villain. I’m not a trekkie but I know a villain when I see one!
In the between captaining USS Enterprise, bickering with Spock, getting revenge and all that radiation, Kirk gets his hands full and something happens…que emo music…
Now it’s up to Spock and you catch the movie youself to witness as awesome ending!

As for the cast, Chris and Zac are perfect choice. Their chemistry is so good, I wish they would get into a ‘relationship’ on board a ship – pun intended (hehehe!) Zoe speaks alien language well (makes me look forward to Avatar2) while the rest of the supporting cast shine bright when they get their moment on spotlight. The baddie in this flick played brilliantly by Benedict Cumberbatch (damn this guy has changed a lot since Atonement!) He plays the villain in such a cool giler manner. 
Yummy, yum yum!
 J.J. Abrams have certainly revive Star Trek franchise and this sequel most certainly escaped the curse of being a stinker after the success of the first one. It’s full of action, passion and overall well executed. I kept hearing audience applauding in amazement. Bet some even cried during a ‘touching scene’, not that kinda ‘touching’ you pervert but I like that way you think! *wink wink
Unfortunately some ‘interesting scenes’ was snipped off! Stupid lar! Potong stim jer! Chey!
One of the deleted scene....wat's sooo bad about this? Stupido *drool opsy! ;)
 Drop what you are doing and 'beam' yourself to the nearest cinema to enjoy this ‘warping’ blockbuster flick! Trekkie or no trekkie, you will enjoy this voyage!
Wacha waiting for? Cepat gi tengok!
 P/s – I hope if there’s another sequel, they can add Malaysian English speaking style! It’s so funny/interesting listening to so many different English accents on this movie. Memang universal! Bring on the final frontier and live long and prosper Star Trek!

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