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Monday, 13 May 2013

Identity Thief Review

Identity Thief Review – Ask yourself this, what would you do if your identity gets stolen and you are in a verge of losing everything you’ve worked for? Would you just accept it as a bad luck or do something about it? This is what Jason Bateman’s character (Sandy Bigelow Patterson – it’s not a woman but unisex name) have to face when Diana (the bubbly Melissa McCarthy’s character) decides to steal his identity and cause havoc in his simple life. With two little girls and a 3rd one on the way, he had to get this nifty thief in order to clear his tainted credit line and keep his job.
He is given a week by his employer to travel half way across the country to hunt the Hobbit sized crook that somehow ends up with loads of funny consequences. Along the journey to bring Diana to face her crime, Sandy learns a lesson or two. He finds out more about Diana and why she is the way she is.

Jason and Melissa play their part well. Good chemistry between these two gets you laughing at their expenses. The supporting character offers extra laughs to the movie as well. If you are into light comedy with some important message being delivered in between the slap stick humor (getting your identity stolen is no laughing matter you know!) do catch this one.
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