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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Don't Breath Review

Don't Breathe Review – Warning – Do not pay attention to the title of the movie and remember to breath. 
Blind helpless man my arse!!!
The plan has been simple, break in, take what you can, get out and don’t get caught. This has been the modus operandi for small time robbers. However when they get tips about an old blind x military man living by himself with a hefty sum of money hidden at his isolated home. The trio takes it as an opportunity to turn their lives around with this one last job. Little did they expect that they about to take part in a life or death situation once they discover the truth about the blind man. Can these kids make it out alive with their loot or end up being a decorative item on the wall of the blind man? 
No shite Sherlock!
You would think twice about messing with a blind man after watching this film. The casting director pulled off a magnificent job selecting Stephen Lang (remember the bad arse commando in Avatar?) as the blind man. After a while just his sheer ‘blind eye’ vision will make you shutter in fear. What more when he starts his cat and mouse game with his visitors. I actually felt chill down my spines few times while my friend couldn’t stop saying WTF in disbelief at some of the scenes. This only shows how good this flick is. The visuals, the creepy sound truly matches the environment and in no time you will find yourself being breathless. 

The talented cast with their Director
As I mentioned earlier, do not forget to breath while watching this movie or you might pass out at the intensity of the circumstances taking place from the moment the silly kids decides to rob a ‘blind man’. Blind he maybe but one deadly bad arse fella with an equally bad arse guard dog. There were moments when my legs were literally up in the air trying to avoid being dragged or bitten. I also accidently shouted out loud in surprise so can you imagine how shocked I was?! God damn movie! God damn you movie! But God damn it’s a good movie though! That I have guts to admit.

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