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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

#AllianzCrazyGames2016 - #SportingSquad

After all the fun we had last year joining Allianz Foodie Hunt 2015, my team members fondly known as #TheThreeMakanteers were looking forward  to this year’s edition. We were thrilled to know that this year it will be a crazy game hunt.
Foodie Hunt!!!
Unfortunately, Adam could not join us and we had to replace him with a new member and this time changed our team’s name into #SportingSquad to match the theme of hunt.
Just like the previous year, there are some pre-task that needs to be completed and this blogpost is one of it. I have to write about my favourite work out/sport.

I am a big fan of sports and was really active during my schooling years joining any event that I know I could enjoy. My favourite sport was hockey because it requires one to be on top of their health to play this game. My school team won the district division level and we managed to enter state zone competition. Unfortunately we were beaten by better team.

After finishing school I became interested in running events. Those days, the most famous run/walk was The Malay Mail Big Walk. I participated for 10 years strait until the run was eventually replaced by more fancy themed running events. I didn’t quit my passion and kept joining other runs as much as possible to lead an active life.
Malaysian Women's Run
Dragon Run 🐉🐉🐉
Kabali Run!!! 
Lately I've been interested in extreme sports and finally had the guts to skydive. It was freaking awesome and I would do it again and again if I get the chance.
Freaking awesome feeling
Till then let’s give #AllianzCrazyGames2016 a shot shall we?


  1. Maceh Khai. Good luck to u too. Jumpa Sabtu ni. 😊😊😊