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Monday, 8 August 2016

Kabali Review

Kabali is also available in other languages.
Kabali Review – Thalaivar is back, this time as Kabali with a Malaysian backdrop dey!!! 
Big time promo from Air Asia! 
Kabali aka Kabaliswaran, (Rajnikanth) an aged reformed gangster is released from prison after twenty five (25) years. His release is received with mixed reaction by both his allies and enemies. A rival gang controlled by Chinese members have since taken over dealing with drugs, prostitution and other criminal activities. They plan to get rid of Kabali for once and all makes attempts to assassinate him. In the meantime, Kabali is trying to turn over a new leaf while figuring out answers to some of his own questions. As day passes by, the conflict between Kabali’s ‘do good gang’ and the other mob increases until it reaches an ultimate showdown between both heads of the gang. 
Kabali night courtesy of Air Asia.
The one and only person who carries this flick is of course the legendary Shivaji Rao Gaekwad aka Rajnikanth who this time actually portrays a character almost close to his real age (He is 66 years old in real life). Despite his age, Rajni’s trademark style only gets better with his age, his signature walk, talk and laugh are painted all over this movie. Putting aside Rajni’s flair, there is also an interesting storyline to the movie that highlights the plight of local and foreign Indians have to go thru here, especially those in the rural area. If you need better understanding of the difficulties, go watch Jagat and you might get some idea on how poor innocent kids are trapped into joining a gang in order to survive. The story also travels back and forth to show how Kabali himself earned his stripes as the ‘good gangster’. 
...first movie themed run ever in the world! 
Overall it’s an entertaining and educational film (albeit sometimes over the top violent scenes) to watch and enjoy with family and friends. Fans of Rajni will most definitely enjoy watching their idol strutting his stuff while promoting Malaysia and Air Asia at every chance possible. 

P/s - Thank you AirAsia for the preview passes. 

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