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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Point Break Review

Ready for action? 
Point Break Review – Remake of Keanu Reeves & Patrick Swayze’s circa 90’s action flick.
I believe I can flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Former extreme athlete Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey) turns over a new leaf by becoming an FBI agent after he loses his friend during one of the stunt. Trying to prove to his superior that he got what it takes, Johnny joins a group of thrill seeking lads whom are suspected to be the mastermind a string of daring heists happening around the continent. Think of dropping diamonds in the poorest part of India and millions of USD in rural Mexican village and such. After proving his allegiance, Johnny is accepted as part of the team. During one of the ‘mission’, Johnny reveals his identity. What will happen to Johnny and what is the purpose of such actions being taken by these modern day sort of Robin Hoods?    
...nope this is not Fight Club. 
Goodness God me…the action sequences in this flick is top notch man! I was holding on to me breath (and seat sometimes) whenever they start their mind-blowing mission. Right from the start with the high-speed motor-cross to sky-diving to snowboarding, wave surfing to the most awesomest scene…the wingsuit flying view….fuh!!! simply breath-taking!  Kudos to the daredevil stunt coordinator for bringing the best of what they do. Coupled with amazing camerawork and splendid background music, it is a sight for exciting eyes and ears. Acting wise, no Oscar worthy performances but still rather acceptable. The storyline is also not bad but does feel slightly under-cooked though.

What is your breaking point ?
Just sit back (if you can) and enjoy the lads trying to achieve ‘The Eight’! 
P/s - Thank you IM4U for the preview tickets! 

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