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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Jagat Review

Say hello to Appoy! 
Jagat Review –Move aside Kollywood, here comes our own Tamil movie.
Gangster dey!!! 
Appoy is a 12 years old boy who is about to sit for his UPSR exam soon and is often misunderstood for his unorthodox thinking. Meanwhole his father, Maniam has a bad temper and works for minimum wage after moving into city from estate to support his family. Appoy’s uncles, Bala is a former drug-addict who used to work for Da Gou while Dorai turns into a local gangster currently under Da Gou’s ‘employment’ as well. There is not a day that goes by without either one of them getting into trouble. Appoy struggling with his studies and getting accepted by his friends, Maniam trying to make ends meet, Bala having a drug relapse whereas Dorai is faced with a new rivalry from a local drug dealer. Their lives change when struck by tragedy. Will Appoy be able to resist the wrong path taken by uncles or end up being another hopeless estate by product?
Where will Appoy end up? 
Finally a local Tamil movie that is not one those trying-to-copy-their-Indian-counterpart. Here is a story where our own Malaysian Indians can relate to. No sing and dance routine, just pure gut and glory or rather the struggle faced by then abandoned estate workers who were left to fend for themselves. Kudos to the cast who are mainly new faces, regardless of being newbie, they managed to represent their role well. Besides the storyline and cast, the filming locations were simply breath-taking. There is no need to travel so far, it’s all is right in our own backyard!
Nandri for the preview tickets Abam Budiey
I truly enjoyed the movie because I grew up in the 90’s. Trying to fit in and figuring out life just like Appoy did. Memorising those darn ‘sifir 12’! Ugh (I still can’t recite that damn thing!). Thankfully however I had a better life compared to Appoy. Sadly though, left with no choice, many unfortunately had to resort to illegal ways to make money. Starting from petty theft to more serious wrongdoings, it portrays a harsh reality when there is no one to offer a helping hand. Regrettably, despite the modernization, some Indians are still left behind and end up being on the wrong side of the law. Hopefully, this flick will shed a light about Indian community’s need to leave their former criminal past and step into a better future. Bravo Jagat! 
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