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Monday, 28 December 2015

In The Heart Of The Sea Review

Ready to face the beast of the ocean? 
In The Heart Of The Sea Review – The trio that worked together on Rush consisting of Director, Ron Howard, Producer, Brian Grazer and actor, Chris Hemsworth are back once again in another epic adventure.
Indeed it is breathtaking! 
The film starts off with Herman Melville (Ben Whishaw) travelling to Nantucket to meet former cabin boy, Thomas Nickerson (Tom Holland [younger Thomas] / Brendan Gleeson [older Thomas]) who was on board Essex to get the story about a ‘white beast’ that took the life of whale hunters. Hesitant at first, finally Nickerson starts his account by laying down the logger head between Captain George Pollard (Benjamin Walker) and first mate, Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth) trying to lead the crew to acquire 2000 barrel of ‘whale oil’ for the owners of Essex. Together they set their path with no luck in sight until they come across a Spanish Captain with an interesting story as to what happened to his team. Both the Captain and first mate set their difference aside for the prized possession. Unfortunately the tide takes turns for the worst with appearance of a massive white bull sperm whale. The Essex gets torn apart and everyone on board had to defend their lives in the middle to the ocean for months resorting to unbelievable conducts. With time and resources running out along with their faith, can the remaining crew members make it back alive to shore?  
Larger than life monster! 
The last outing of Ron Howard on the F1 circuit was amazingly matched by his take on the rough ocean. Even the most difficult angle of the vessel is caught incredibly by an awesome camerawork. I don’t even have to mention about the whale in question, the sight of the giant is simply marvellous that will send chills down your spine. Imagine looking at the beast in the eye and getting whacked into pieces minutes later. The acting was top notch from the young to the old with Chris taking the cake down to his last bones-pun intended! Heck, even the CGI created white whale deserves an award! Coupled with splendid music, this picture is nothing short of the legendary Moby Dick itself.

Director Ron Howard with his Essex crew. 
If you have fear of the open water stay away but if you enjoy period piece with a twist, row your boat over to catch on board the Essex! 

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