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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Danny Collins Review

Rock star in the house! 
Danny Collins Review – Al Pacino as an aging rock star on the road of redemption? Heck why not ey?
Let me entertain you!!! 
The movie is loosely based on a true story. Danny Collins (Al Pacino) was an up and coming singer song writer whose hero was John Lennon. During an early day interview, Danny mention about his inspiration. Little did he know that John Lennon wrote him a letter which arrived a little too late. Just then Danny realizes the mistakes he made and tries to make amends. He drops out of his comeback tour in search of his only son who was living a quiet life. Danny attempts to clean up his acts, write new songs, spend more time with people who matters. Soon Danny understands the meaning of John Lennon’s saying…”Love…is all that matters”.
With so many crap movies and music filling up our time lately, this flick was simply refreshing. It travels slowly but if you are patient enough you will appreciate the message it is conveying. Al Pacino is no rock star but does a decent job trying to be one. He is after all one of the best actor of our time so he did he research well and manage to bring Danny alive. Supporting cast consisting of Annette Benning and Jennifer Garner played their small part just well enough to bring more life to the picture. The background music of the golden days was also has a soothing effect. Just chill and enjoy the ride because we hardly get served with this kind of film lately.
Why hello there Annette! 
Love…is all that matters…what do you say to that? 

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