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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Fast And Furious 7 Review

...the boys...ladies and cars are back!!! 
Fast And Furious 7 Review – The gang is back with more fast cars (Read: The shiny $4.3 million red Lykan Hypersport!), chick flashing their skin (albeit them being in UAE), big blowouts and what not! imagine she kicking some serious arse while wearing this! Perghhh!!! 
Dom’s family thought they are done dealing with any shady business or characters after the London incident but little did they expect Owen’s brother, Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) is out for a vengeance. Deckard ‘takes out’ Han while racing in Tokyo and warns Dom (Vin Diesel) that he is coming to get the whole clan. While being face to face with Shaw, Dom is approached by Frank Petty (Kurt Russell) who runs a secret black ops organisation. Petty offers Dom assistance to track down Shaw if they can help to rescue Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel), an IT hacker who was kidnapped by an arms dealer. The team performs another extreme stunt (think car-skydiving off a plane!) and manage to save Ramsey. Equipped with Ramsey’s device, they track down Shaw and all hell breaks loose. With the safety of the World hanging in the balance, can the team take down their toughest adversary yet?
...why hello there Ramseyyyyyy..... *wink wink
Sarawak born Director, James Wan have certainly graduated from helming The Conjuring into certified big-budget movie directing thru this flick. You can look forward to heart pumping scene at every corner although some are too good to be true. Hey it is fast and furious after all so leave your Oscar critic comments outside the cinema hall. It’s good to see that the ‘family’ is still looking out for one another no matter how hard the situation gets. The cast members have certainly bonded as a family and as we all know, suffered the biggest and a painful lost when Paul Walker died tragically during the filming. It must have taken a lot from each of the crew to carry on and complete this movie. Lack of logic doesn’t matter so just enjoy the ride.
#OneLastRide! #BrothersForLife
On personal note, I had go tahan my tears from pouring out each time I saw Paul on the screen just like how it happened when Robin Williams came on ‘The Night At The Museum 3’. The thought that these two talented souls are no longer around is just too sad to think about. However let’s not forget their contributions towards the movie world. They maybe gone but will forever live in the thoughts of their fans. On that note thank you Paul for all the wonderful ride you took us from Pleasantville to Blue Crush and one last ride on Fast and Furious 7! #ForPaul       

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