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Thursday, 12 December 2013

#TSDayOut Slackline Edition

#TSDayOut Slackline Edition

Amacam? Ada berani mau joing? 
“Deyyy…Y U so ‘slack’ one weyyyyyyyy?” I bet you have said these words to your friends when they mess things up or also ‘Haiya….Y today so ‘slack’ one ah?’ when you had a bad day. It’s an expression that is usually associated when you are ‘bengang’ about something but add another ‘line’-pun intended to the word making it ‘Slackline’ then voila….you get a whole new meaning out of it. According to ‘Mani-pedia’ after experiencing it thru another awesome #TSDayOut organized by Tourism Selangor (TS) …I hereby certify that it is a fun way to pass your time with your crazy friends/family….heck even with strangers.
Slack or go home! 
As usual, I was browsing the world wide weird web made even weirder by the social network site called Facebook and stumble (konon lar) upon TS’s page for their latest and final day out for year 2013…awwwww…but wait….it’s only the last one for this year….next year one I hope will be gempak’er!  Weeeehoooo….ok ok…sabar Mani…ni kena blog pasal Slackline…so sila jangan get offline (hehehe another lame pun joke…I know! Sue me!)

As usual, I submitted my name but wait…aculi no need oso rupanya because I won the blog post contest for the previous #TSDayOut Banting Edition (Yippieeeeee!!!) (*Disclaimer – I don’t…I repeat I don’t have inside information nor do I work for Tourism Selangor….because more than once people ask me how does it feel to work for them….like whertttttttttt??? Bila masa pula oi??? Kalau my current Boss hears this abis aku kena tanam anggur tau tak?) so I’m automatically got selected for this event. Next thing to do was to wait if any of my friends got selected as well. The list came out…jeng jeng jeng…yeeeeeeeeehaaaa…Amirul, Emily, Anis, Eugene….waaaaa….so many geng bas sekolah!!! I loike!!! Some names looked familiar but muka tak ingat, takpe lar….nanti boleh re-kenal balik kan?
Lucky 30 'slackers'! 
The day arrived and Milo picked me up from home and we were running a bit late but nasib baik jalan clear. We pit stop kejap at Batu Caves KTM station to pick up Emily and her friend, Aaron. Waaa….belum start oredi got new friend! Good! Good! We continued our way to the meeting point at Gua Damai, Batu Caves. Hmm…I must say…I’ve been to Batu Caves so many times over the years but never knew this place existed but then that’s the purpose of the whole #TSDayOut – to introduce us to all this wonderful places around Selangor while participating in their unique activities while making friends while being naughty (the last part only applies to me! Hehehe!)
Sudah sampai! Terrer Milo tak sesat tuh!!! 
We were one of the first few to arrive…ramai got lost trying to find the way but eventually one by one begin to arrive. While waiting, I helped myself to play at the playground. Got buaian and some exercise thingy so transfer back to zaman kanak-kakak kejap. Once TS staff arrived, they distributed the T shirt for this edition together with our roti and air kotak for those of us who tak sempat nak sarapan pagi. Good! Since I only had a glass of Milo (the drink ok!) before leaving home. This time kaler T shirt adalah….jeng jeng jeng….baby Blueeeeeee!!! 
U like? U like? 
As of now I oredi got kaler Hijau (from #TSDayOut DEMC Edition), kaler Orange (from Banting edition) and Dark Blue (from #TSDayOut Amazing Race Edition) hmm…banyak juga #TSDayOut aku dah joing rupanyer…no wonder people get confused that I work for them. 
Kanak-kanak sekalian, meh amek roti ngan air kotak! 
Anyways, since the toilet was not open yet, Emily and I went to change our T shirt inside Milo’s car. Don’t worry, we didn’t flash at each other or others. More participants begin to arrive. Loads of familiar faces. Like mini-gathering pulak dah. After semua orang dah tukar T shirt and walap their brekpas. Helena from Slackline KL began her briefing on the ‘safety’ procedure. Haaaa….takut tak? Siap kena isi form tau. Actually it’s nothing lar. It’s just standard procedure if in case you fall and break your skull…ermm….ehehehe….just kiddinggggggggggg!!! But but but…of kos safety comes first kan? 
I hereby....bla bla bla...
Listen to me if u wanna live! Gulp!!! 
Her team have already ‘set up’ few slackline, nicely and neatly tying it onto one tree across the other ones. It had few levels of heights. One sampai tahap lutut, another sampai pinggang…fuh quite tinggi jugak tuh kan? But then again, I’m a Hobbit so I felt it was high while some others said… ‘Aiseh…sap sap sui one lar!’….iyo ler tuh…sap sap sui ko. Silap haribulan jatuh cium tanah baru tau.  
Sure ketat ke tak tuh weh? 
After the briefing, Helena, demonstrated how to ‘walk on the line’. 
Gaya, mutu ke'slacker'an!!! 
Eh eh…macam senang jer, macam senang jer…maybe it looked easy to me because I used to main ‘getah’ time sekolah dulu. Not to brag tapi I was quite terrer oso lar. 
Don't scared! I got you!!!
Lepas demo, we were divided into smaller group. One by one mula step onto the line. Some did make it look simple while a few struggled to not ‘shake’ too much. 
Pegang Atuk yer Cu....jangan kasi jatuh. 
Memang kelakar tengok lemak-lemak kat badan tuh bergocang. Terus keluar statement-statement berikut…‘Damn, must lose weight!’, ‘Aku ok lar, kaki aku lemah sikit’….pfffffffftttttt…..cover line!
Caution! Watching this might cause you to laugh like Hyena! 
I'm sorry Milo, but this is too good to not post. 
After laughing at others, it was my turn and guess what…I was like a ballerina up there yo! ‘Shwinging’ from one end to the other effortlessly. Cewah….poyo tak? Ok foineeee….I did stumble here and there but that is the fun part. Falling down and getting back up again. Just like life…we fall, we stumble but we rise again then fall again….then rise again…then…well…you get the drift kan? After manage to balance my ‘walk’ in lower lines… I moved on to the slightly higher level. 
Ehem! Ehem! Ehem! *gambar disonglap dari Khai & Azuan! 
Tried to do the duduk bersila pose. Pastu….Gedebuk!!!….Adoiiiiiiiiiiii….Amma….my buntut….sakit siottttttttt!!! tapi best….tadi almost berjaya so jom try again….Aummmm…….two….threee….crash boom bang…ok lar tu kan? 3 full seconds yo! Baru first few times tuh…if selalu practice sure can duduk macam-macam style.
Go Hobbit I mean Anis!!! Ehehehe
* Sorry video terbalik because I'm vertically challenged!
Helena’s team was on stand by helping us and giving tips on how to balance ourselves on the lines. Some of them did pretty nifty tricks on the line…loncat loncat macam tade tulang buntut jer…geram tengok. Nak try gak buat but end up being a laughing stock…Chet! Nanti korang aku gi prektis lagi. Pastu lompat sampai langit and back! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!! The walking, falling, lompating session went on till most of us managed to walk without our ‘escort’. It was all fun till the pain attacked later that evening. 
Errr....mende ko buat tuh Adam? o.O
After the new experience, we were sweaty, tired and hungry so apa lagi…..makannnnnnnn!!! 
Final one for year 2013!!! Senyum semua!!! ^_^
Drove to a shop close by and was served with their signature dish. Since I was recovering from flu…one look at the food, I started to cry. Mak datuk hang! Pedasnya cili. Jatuh hidung aku kalau makan ni but lapar punya pasal I walap jelar . Sedap memang sedap but it was spicy. Huhuhu. Sambil makan tu, it was time to submit our five (5) best photos. I submit my not so terrer photo so no surprise that I didn’t win but no matter sebab I went home with RM250 for my blog post. Woot! Woot! Just in time sebab dah pokai.
Sapedeeeeeeeeeee sapedeeeeeeeeeee!!!
Makan jangan tak makan Boss! 
Sambil makan tuh, TS resident ‘Guru Besar’, Renuga gave her speech and let the cat out of the bag. Encik Fazly is leaving TS and so is Dian. Awww….sedihnya. These two people are simply awesome sporting giler babi kinda people I’ve ever met in my life. 
Thank you Boss. I is will mish yew!!! hewhewhew 
Somehow, despite my over nakal’ness they can still layan me. Perhaps maybe sebab tu they are leaving kot? Kenot tahan me anymore oredi izzit? Aiseh… I is very the sorry. Anyhow, good luck for your future and bravo on job well done during the past two years. Working hard to make sure that we have the time of our lives during #TSDayOut.
Wacko women I'm proud to call my friend! 
After walaping the food and collecting my ‘ang pow’, us four, Milo, Emily, Aaron and I had to chow. Another awesome day out as usual and we were smiling and laughing our way home talking about the new experience. Good to know that #TSDayOut will continue to take us around Selangor next year. I look forward to explore this great Negeri.
Setiap kali sure dapat dapat kawan baru!!! 
Sempat nak pose tuh!!! 
Now, here comes my usual ucapan terima kasih, beribu-ribu terima kasih to the wonderful #TSDayOut team. You guys did and are doing a splendid job and I’m honoured to have joined so many of your activities. Best part of this is making new friends. My life has changed quite a lot since I joined my first #TSDayOut to Kuala Langat. My sincere thanks and best wishes to you guys. Keep doing watcha doing and you will have my support in every possible way.
I've come a long way!!!
#TSDayOut Kuala Langat
Krezi Krabi Trip! 

Krezi Krabi geng! 

Amazing Race #TSDayOut'ers!!! 
#TSDayOut Sky Trex Edition  
#TSDayOut DEMC Green Gang!!! 
#TSDayOut Banting survivors! 
If you have yet to join any of their outings, you have no idea what you are missing. Trust me, I know! Speaking of which…*drum roll please…they just announced that the next #TSDayOut will explore Taiwan….say whertttttttttttttt??? Taiwan!!! Damnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!! I want!!!, excuse me while I go search for my passport. 
Watchu waiting for? Cepat sign up!!!