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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Captain Philips Review

All aboard!!! 
Captain Philips Review – Another ‘Based on true event’ movie…starring Tom Hanks…hmm…why not? You never what kinda lesson you could learn from past events so you won’t make the same mistake. Plus the trailer looked good and it has also been getting rave reviews. With Tom on the helm, you can’t go wrong right? Plus, it’s been a while since I saw him on the big screen. So here we go…
How to survive from pirate? 
The story is about Captain Richard Philips (Tom Hanks) manning a cargo ship “Maersk Alabama” carrying food supplies among other things across pirate infested ‘Horn of Africa’. Just when the crew are going thru their ‘emergency’ drill, they notice two (2) small boats on their tail and manage to fend-off the pirates. This good luck however does not last long when the pirates return for the second time and manage to board the ship. Captain Philips managed to gather his crew and hide them in the engine room to prevent the pirates from kidnapping them. The four (4) armed Somali pirates demand for millions of dollars in exchange for the safety of the vessel and start to look for the crew members. Captain Philips strikes a deal with the lead pirate Muse (Barkhad Abdi) by giving him thirty thousand dollars and convinces the rouge bandits to leave the ship. Just when things seemed to calm down, the Captain lands himself in ‘deep waters’. A large operation involving US Marine and SEALS ensues in order to rescue the good Captain. Will they succeed? Jeng jeng jeng… 
The Real Captain Richard Philips 
Say what you want about the man. Tom Hanks never seize to amaze me with his talents. Throw him in an island (Cast Away), he make friends with a ‘ball’. Put him in jail (not as a prisoner) (The Green Mile), he make friends with the inmates. There’s nothing this two time Oscars winner can’t do! I only hope for more goodies from this living legend and who knows perhaps he will get another nod for the coming award season. Tom! You rock!!! As for one of the ‘bandit’ – Muse (played by skeleton looking Barkhad Abdi)…dude…you are most definitely going places as well yo! I dare to say that he is this year’s one of the best talent discovered. Now…please go eat something with the money you earned acting in this movie. As for the rest of the cast…too many to mention but they truly made me feel like I was part of the movie. Just watching from safety on the seat hoping and praying ‘everything will be OK…Irish!’ 
Bandit and their guns! 

I did however feel the film was a bit sluggish going into second hour and thank God I don’t get ‘sea sick’ because the Director decided to shot his movie with loads of the ocean angles. Brilliant acting did help with to cover that draggy part. So did the music helping to connect with the scenes. You can sometimes almost feel the waves bumping your butt! I can’t imagine myself getting stuck in such situation for so long. Confirm muntah! Bluek. Nevertheless, this movie is one of the better release among ‘ocean’ of stinky poo out there so if you plan on going on a cruise (Crap! Just remembered I’m going on board one come April) you might pick up a pointers here and there on how to survive in case your ship gets high-jacked! (Touchwood!!!) 

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