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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Review

Whats is inside 'your suitcase' my friend? 
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Review – I remember the first time I boarded the plane for my first ever trip outside the country to Thailand. It was a dream come true. Watching the clouds from a closer view. Since then, by God’s blessing I’ve expand my dream and managed turn my travel fantasy into reality. Heck, I still can’t believe I made to Los Angles! Twice!!! By winning contest nevertheless!!! Next up, New York and all other places that has the word New in it. New Zealand. New Dehli…any other ‘New’ am missing? Feel free to let me know ok. Reason I’m starting with my own traveling story is because Walter have all this dreams of traveling but never quite made it into reality. What a big mistake dude! Big big hugeeeeeeeeeee mistake. But then we can’t blame him could we? Most people have big dream but they always push it aside for so many reasons.
Nope...I don't feel you....nothing...nada...nyente....
Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) is a hardworking employee of soon-to-go-online-version of magazine called ‘Life’. He ‘live’ his adventures by ‘zoning out’ every now and then. He has a crush on his officemate Cheryl Melhoff (Kristen Wiig) so he imagines ‘doing things’ with/for her. (Get your mind of the gutter, as no hamsap things are involved) He loathe his new Boss, Ted (Adam Scott) so he imagines making fun of his beard. Whatever Walter is not ‘happy’ about, he will ‘make it happen’ thru his ‘zone out’ moments. Nyeh. However, when the quintessential ‘negative’ of the magazine’s final cover goes missing, Mitty is forced to leave the comfort of his working place and travel from Greenland to Iceland to track down Sean, (Sean Penn) the photographer and recover the said negative. As he travels from one place to another, Mitty ‘lives’ and ‘do’ things he never imagined he would. Will he succeed in getting what he wants? 
Don't just look, come 'join' me! 
Ben Stiller is one of my favourite actors and I will put on his movie if I need a laugh or two. This flick unfortunately failed to give me the same feeling. I would rather watch ‘Night At The Museum’ or ‘Duplex’ over and over again instead of this one. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good watch but I just didn’t feel the connection. I think Walter was being a puss for not pushing his limits instead he just kept dreaming of doing things. Even his chemistry with Kristen didn’t have enough spark as he did with his other co-stars before this. The rest of the cast…hmmm…hmmm…know what I mean? The saving grace for me was the wonderful background of Greenland and Iceland. The green valley, the volcano eruption cloud, the ocean. Other than that there was nothing. There were loads of inspiring statement being thrown which would have worked well if I was ‘like’ Walter Mitty but I’m not. I try to live my life as adventures as possible (bukan poyo tapi memang saya macam tu naturally) and thank God my Mom brought me up to be an independent person to explore the World as much as possible. I wish my friend would watch this because she has so many dreams to doing so many things but she still stuck with the same excuse year after year.  
Somebody called for 'Jaws Express?'
Overall, if you are looking for a motivation, encouragement and ‘semangat’ to change your life for the new year. This movie would serve as a good platform on how to stop dreaming and start living. If you are already an avid explorer and bitten by the travel bug, it’s time to turn up the notch and discover more on what the World have to offer. As the saying goes, the world is your oyster….well…unless you are allergic to shell food! Hehehe….travel and explore my friends….

P/s – Spoiler alert – The cover of the last ‘Life’, think about this…Sean have already sent the ‘negatives’ to Walter right? But how did Sean snapped the picture of Walter sitting at the fountain trying to analyse other negatives in order to get a clue for the ‘lost negative’? You get what I mean? Or did I miss something? Go figure! 

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