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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Lone Survivor Review

Action kao kao movie 
Lone Survivor Review – Would you put your life on the line….for your country….for your belief….for what you think is right? Would you kill an innocent life….to protect your own life….to safeguard your friends life….to defend your principle? Nobody knows or is certain what they would 'korban' until they are faced with such situation at such critical moment.  When the time comes, one have to make the decision and live (if they make it out alive) or die regretting their choice. 
The Boys! 
Such circumstances are faced by Michael Murphy (Taylor Kitsch), Marcus Luttrell (Mark Wahlberg), Danny Dietz (Emile Hirsch) and Matt ‘Axe’ Axelson (Ben Foster) [sorry, I forgot their ‘pangkats’] when their operation referred to as ‘Operation Red Wing’ to capture a Taliban leader goes haywire. At the beginning, all were smooth sailing except for the communication were blocked because of the rocky mountains of Afghanistan. In order to get better ‘reception’ the team moves up the hill and wait for their new set of instructions. Little did they expect, an old man and two boys shepherding their goats stumble upon the secret operation. The team is faced with dilemma of killing the 3 stumblers or letting them go. They choose the latter and before they could take refuge, the team gets surrounded by dozens of Talibans hell bent on killing the Americans. Kiri kanan depan belakang they get shot at, bombed till they run out of option except to jump down the ravine and get whacked this time by the batu besar gebadak! Belum sempat nak recover, bullets comes flying again hitting them on the leg, shoulder, lutut and whatnot! In a final effort to save at least one of the team members, Murphy makes it to the top of the mountain and contacts their command post alerting them of their situation. Chopper (or some sort) are scrambled to rescue the team but guess what? I ain’t gona tell you but I figure you can predict what happens by the title of this movie.    
The Director, Peter Berg. He needs a shave if you ask me. 
The cast members consisting of Kitsch, Wahlberg, Hirsch, Foster, Bana are all candy for the eyes. Even when they are bleeding their eyes out, they look so handsome. Lepas tu got few topless scenes. Yummmmy….but that aside….when the action begins memang sedih tengok their condition. You can literally hear their bones breaking when they hit the rocks. Once they ‘land’ can see the bones sticking out and blood oozing down their cheek. Ayo Amma….I wish I could nurse them back to health. (hewhewhew) The dudes played their role to perfection (in my view lar), looking after/out each other. Their brotherhood was well-captured by war movie Director, Peter Berg. As for them basterds Talibans….EEEEEEEEEE!!! Geram tengok them restlessly going after the four Navy Seals pretty much sealing-pun intended their fate. Not to stereotype all Arabs, the Lone Survivor from the situation did come across a ‘Haji’ who hates Taliban and help the Officer find his way to safety. 
Not all Arabs are Talibans lar! 

Overall it’s a full on action movie and stay away if you don’t like the sight of blood and the word fuck. Those two (blood & word fuck) are pretty much repeated or may I say over-used in this flick. Not to say it was not necessary since it was a movie about war. If you are the girly type you may not like the over macho-ism, go watch a chick flick instead even if your boyfriend suggest you to watch this. Unless you are like me lar. I can tahan this kinda of feature even though I did cringe here and there when my handsome man was put thru some agony. It’s sad to find out their age at the end credit, none of them were above the age of 35. May they rest in peace and remembered as heroes.    


  1. It deserves to be seen more so as a tribute to these real-life, fallen soldiers, rather than total and pure propaganda. Good review Krezi.