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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Robocop (2014) Review

Robo 2.0 yo! 
Robocop (2014) Review – I was nine (9) years old when the original Robocop came out in 1987 so I can’t actually remember the storyline except that a cop named Alex Murphy gets injured and some portion of his body was replaced with mechanical part to keep him functioning as a human being. Fast forward 27 years later we get a remake of the original. Is it any good?
Robo is landed! 
To start off as I mentioned above, the storyline was kinda similar to the original one except there were some upgrade here and there. Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) is a dedicated cop and is hot on heels to bust a crook. He almost gets killed but luckily a businessman; Raymond Sellars (Michael Keaton) are in the midst of trying to introduce his robotic machines to replace the cops on the street supported strongly by talk show host Pat Novak (Samuel L. Jackson). The big players get their wish when Dr. Dennett Norton (Gary Oldman) managed to put a man into the machine or the other way around if you like. Once Alex gains his conscious, he gets to see his family but he is never the same man again. He is a certified state of the art enforcement office bend on catching all the criminals that slipped away from the hands of law all this while. He will manage to wipe crime of Detroit City or falter as a piece of expensive experiment gone wrong? Watch it and find out.   
Robo with his new ride!!! 
The cast…I can’t help but notice that Joel looks like the late Paul Walker, perhaps I miss my blue eyed cutie too much after his shocking demise last year. *sob sob. I can’t recall watching Joel on the screen but he did a decent job as Robocop. It’s not easy to take on an iconic role if I say so. He portrayed just about the right amount of emotions to bring a robot to life. Other best part is watching Samuel l Jackson losing his cool during ‘live show’. Michael Keaton looking older than Gary Oldman – pun intended (you geddit? Hehehe) I was trying to wreck my brain figuring out who Clara Murphy (Alex Murphy’s wife) was only to flash back it is Abbie Cornish (she was in Sucker Punch – a movie that almost gave me a migraine!). My my my…how you have grown into a beautiful woman (Yummy yummy!) and another notable hottie was Jae Kim (Dr. Dennett’s assistant (played by Aimee Garcia), I predict a bright future for these ladies. Overall I was satisfied with the role assigned to the actors. The CGI, soundtrack was also satisfying.

Good job Joel! 
Yummy Abbie! 
Hottie Aimee
Don’t go in with a big expectation, it is after all a pop-corn flick. Leave your movie critic-self outside the hall and enjoy the explosions, shootings, experiment and Joel (ehem). I however, unfortunately had an unpleasant incident during the preview because of the monkey that couldn’t stop kicking my chair. Times like this, I wish I could turn into a Robocop and teach that moron a lesson. Stupid asshole potong stim betul, nasib gambar best so I kept my cool and focus on Joel…eh I mean the movie. Hope you will have a better experience because this is one remake that I highly recommend. 
Ready to meet the world Alex? 
P/s- Thank you MSN Malaysia for the preview tickets! 

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