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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Make Me Shudder Review (Thai movie)

So...amacam? Ada berani? 
Make Me Shudder  Review (Thai movie) – Hmm…what do a movie MANIac does when she wants to watch movie but one look at the listing…semua dah tengok?! No choice but to watch a Thai horror movie since dah gian sangat masuk cinema. As I mentioned before I’m not a fan of horror movie but anything Thai I’m willing to risk it. I think I’m a spiritual Thai citizen kot. It is my first movie for 2014 and my first movie date with a friend I’ve known for so many years. Actually she forced me into watching it, ingatkan member berani, rupa-rupanyer she is just a scared chickeeeeeeeeeeeeeen like me! Pfttttttttttt…… Mende lar aku melalut ni? Ok ok back to job on hand. The review…let’s get on with it.
'Nice' hairdo' dude! 
The story is about a bunch of naughty school boys who like to scare themselves silly by sharing ghost stories among themselves and finally step up a notch by venturing into an abandon building known for its ghostly presence. All eight (8) of them meet their match when the ghost that they thought was a ‘dongeng’ actually turns up and scare the crap out of them. To make matter worst, they even stumble upon other ‘spirits’ occupying the haunted place. After loads of creepy, chilling and funny events later, they learn their ‘lesson’-pun intended! Just remember don’t ever disrespect your Teacher and don’t ‘challenge’ something if you are not ready to face the consequences. 
Garang giler Cikgu ni siot! :P
The cast was funny to look at with their numerous facial expressions. Sometime, you feel sorry for them, sometime…rasa nak jerit… ‘Padan muka! Amek ko! Gatal sangat buntut kenapa budak oi?!’ Most of them are ‘chikadees’ looks like they are fresh out of acting school. It’s good though because the industry can groom them early on. The ‘veterans’ supplied equal talent if not more. I don’t dare to spell their name…kalau nak tau sangat sila ‘search sendiri’ ok. The storyline was stupid and did get a bit boring after some point but if you enjoy silly horror movies like me once in a while, you might just contribute a laugh or two here and there. Heck, some audience even screamed during the ‘mak datuk terkejut katak aku’ scenes. 
All together now....Terimaaaaaaaaaaaa kasiiiiiih Cikgu!!! :)
If you have nothing else to do and free for a laugh, check this flick out. It’s a no brainer. Watch it with a friend who are as crazy as you and enjoy hearing the rest of the cinema goers shrieking once in a while and try not to ‘terjerit’ yourself. It does not come close to any of the awesome Thai movies but if I sat thru the crappy 47 Ronin, I sure as hell would sit during ‘Make Me Shudder at least once!

P/s- Friendly warning, don’t take kids who are going to attend school to watch this or else the poor bugger may not go to school again. 

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