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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Enough Said Review

Odd couple!!! 
Enough Said Review – With the recent flooding of blockbuster flicks for the end of the year, Enough Said is just the kind of light hearted movie I was looking for to unwind. Perhaps reaching mid 30’s, I could relate to the film better. It doesn’t boost any special effects, complex story line but just plain simple view about life after divorce for a middle aged man and woman whom are so unlikely to fall in love. 
Go out so you can mingle....never know what kinda people you might click with! 
It’s a story about Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus of Seinfield fame) as single divorced mom working as a masseuse and is about to ‘let’ her daugther go away from her to further her studies. By day Eva have to listen to her clients whine, risk seeing some ‘boners’ and what not while at night sometimes, she follow her best friend, Sarah (Toni Collette) to party. Speaking of which, at one of the parties, she bumps into Marianne (Catherine Keener), a real poet whom have actually published her poems on book and also a flabby guy by the name of Albert (the late James Gandolfini of The Sopranos fame). Marianne start using Eva’s massage service for her bad shoulder while going on and on about her ex-husband every time they meet. In the meantime, the chemistry between Eva and Albert light a spark so they start to date. Remember the saying, it’s a small world after all? Well, turns out in this film, Eva’s world is indeed small and it actually collide during an awkward moment. What’s will happen? 
White or
I remember growing up watching Julia as Elaine in Seinfield and it was nice seeing her again after a long time. She could do no wrong playing Eva. A mother, masseuse, girlfriend...while James...well...he was just like a huge teddy bear. So soft spoken with a good sense of humour, I might just fall for a guy like him in real life despite his ‘fat bits’ and Bear beard! Hey, you know what they say...looks may go away but personality stay ey? The rest of the cast, Catherine...God...she some point got me going like...walauwey...Y you complain so much about your Ex one ah? You don’t even have friends wey. Meaning she played her part well. Toni was also a delight to watch. Good ensemble of actors for this simple movie. 
Love can be blind...
If you think there is no hope for finding love if you get divorved during your middle age, well think again. Love is out there somewhere and you never know whom you might fall in love with again. What is a wrong pairing for one couple might be the right pairing for you. Catch this flick with your buddy who have doubt about finding the right one and you both might walk out with a renewed faith about love. I think I’ve said enough about Enough Said! Now you go watch and have your say!   

Thank you ChurpChurp for the tickets!!! 

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