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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Kami Histeria Review

Jangan lupa nak tengok eh nak! 
Kami Histeria review – The last time I watched local Malay movie in the cinema was a film titled Histeria, horror story about some school kids getting possessed by spirit. It was not a bad watch but this time punya Histeria was way better. Jangan silap haribulan aku kena Histeria dah! Even though I do act like I got Histeria if I can over excited. Try not to be around me during that time if you want to live! Hehehe
Rock chicks! 
Gempak siotttttttttttttt!!! 
Let’s move on to the movie…it’s about five girls hoping to make it big in local music scene led by Laila (Diana Danielle), Bad (Sara Ali), Peanut (Nad Zainal), Airin (Mila) and Jojo (Salwana Omar) naming their band "Kami Histeria". They move into a run-down flats and with help of Pit (Izzue Islam) clean up the place and start to ‘jam’ for their next song to be uploaded into YouTube. Little they know with a help of Langsuir’s (Banshee) voice in the background, their song finally hits big time and start to fill the air ways. Their next song lack the ‘pengeras’ so the girls go looking for the Langsuir (aka Cik Lang) to strike a ‘deal’. Cik Lang (Nur Fazura) agrees to contribute her voice with one condition to be fulfilled if their next single becomes a hit as well. As luck would have it, the new song climbs up the chart making Kami Histeria one of the most wanted band. While the girls are enjoying their new found fame, they get a visit from Cik Lang to claim her end of the bargain and remind them of their grim fate if they fail to meet her condition. Funny, scary and silly events pursuit in order for Laila, Bad, Peanut, Airin and Jojo to live another day. Will they succeed in their mission? Jeng jeng jeng
Cik Lang suara merduuuuuuuuu gitewwwwwwwww!!! 
Beh tahan ek? 
I’ve been out of touch of the local celebrity scene for quite some time but proud to notice the new talents replacing the old ones. Few familiar names such as Nur Fazura and Diana Danielle have improved a lot since I last saw them while new faces paints a breath of fresh air into our big screen. Fazura with her funny ‘loghat utara’ left me in stiches laughing my arse off whenever she starts to speak but once she changes into who she really is, aku terus terdiam tergamam kejap. Gulp. The rest of the cast, even the non-speaking ones played their part well. You can feel their emotions when they are happy like kid in Candy land once their song becomes a hit, scared to shite when faced with the angry Cik Lang. Add in some cheesy special effects here and there and voila. Beh tahan wey! Memang beh tahan gambaq ni nak! Plus the girls could carry a tune or two so they didn’t look like they were acting. The chemistry between Kami Histeria girls was just nice.
Ehem ehem...shameless plug! Guess who? 
I have no idea what prompt me to watch this movie but glad I caught it. On opening day some more ok! I had a blast gelak terkekek-kekek cam beruk dapat pisang at adengan kelakar giler. Lepas tu during the scary scene buka my glasses (because my vision will become blurry) so I won’t be a Pen-takuts (hehehe). Can’t remember any Malaysia Malay movie being this funny/scary in a long time! Bravo to the team for trying something new instead of producing the typical gambar hantu seram or gangster segala bagai. After barf-full of such movies lately, this picture is a good getaway which I hope will encourage more local talents to try something out of the ordinary. “Kalau sesapa nak tengok gamba ni, bagituq cheq naa sebab cheq terhingin nak tengok dan gelak giler lagi sekali. Now please eh-cuse cheq sementaro cheq makan cokelat Kit Kat sket naaaa!” 
Hoooooooyeahhhhh!!! #KamiHisteria! I loike!!! 


  1. Lol.. Best sgt ke? Hmm boleh cheq try pi checkout kat cinema nanti.. Tarikh tu cheq habaq hang nanti kot hang mau mai ikut..

  2. Nak kata best tu melampaus lar kot tapi memang lucu giler. Sila sila jemput cheq sekali. Tima kaseh. :)