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Sunday, 16 February 2014

#CNYChurpOut with Tiger Radler!

#Churpout CNY style! 

I can’t recall when I actually joined Churp Churp's community but I’ve been having a blast participating their awesome activities. I hardly buy tickets for movies these days thanks to their #Churprimere and when I found out that Churp Churp is having their first #Churpout of the year! I jumped in joy! Who would not want to Experience Double Refreshment at #CNYChurpOut with Tiger Radler ey? All I had to do was just complete a simple slogan which went like this…I  want to join #CNYChurpOut with @TigerBeerMY because it's my horse year so I wanna share my horse-porous luck tossing loh sang with the @churp2 gang! Huat ah! Ong mali mali! :)

U no come u no fun lor 
After few days…Voila! I got my invite! I RSVP-ed without blinking! From my previous experience, I know how awesome are Churp’s events are and was looking forward to loh sang with them fantastic Churpies! Dress code for the event was CNY of course so I went looking for red kaler baju. Since my ang pow collection was quite good, I used the extra cash to buy my red blouse. I ajak my school friend to be my plus one but few days before the event she went radio silent on me. EEEEEEEEEEEE geramnye aku!!! At first I thought of skipping the event but then why should I? I want to have fun. I deserve to have fun. I know it will be fun. I called up my other friend whom I know will have fun as much as I would, Patricia. Despite the last minute call, Pat agreed to come. Yeayyyyyyyyyy!!! Thanks Pat!!! 

The place to be! 

I took a cab to the venue while Pat drove there. I didn’t have time to inform the Churpies about my plus one swap but like a champ they let Pat in! Sorry for the trouble and thanks for understanding guys. Pat arrived just few minutes before me and she was looking smoking hot in the Cheong Sam! Phewwwwwwwwwwwwit Pat! *wink wink 

The welcoming committee! :)

We registered our name and was handed our lucky draw card after which we got our picture snapped, did some Calligraphy drawing and made our way inside the Tavern, Guinness Anchor Berhad. 

My partner in crime for the night - Patricia aka Pat!!! 
Fail artist! :P

Since there were Instagram contest going on, we started to snap loads of pictures. Pat got hold of the new drink in town Tiger Radler. I don’t drink beer so she had more on my behalf. 

Gulp! Gulp! Gulp! 

More Churpers begin to arrive and the host for the night, Kevin Chong of Traxx FM got the ball rolling by announcing what is in store for the night. The music and environment was happening giler with free flow of Tiger Radler. Pat and I posted few insta pictures and got excited when we saw it flashing on the screen. As reward for our effort, we got to pick ang pow from the lucky dip basket which had RM50 in one the red packets. I managed to get RM5 while Pat walked away with RM2. Ok lah…janji dapat kan? 

Yummy yum yum!!! 

While waiting for more guest to arrive the middle table was filled with colourful loh sang to be tossed later. Kevin came on again to get everybody to approach the table and get the event going. Toss! Toss! Toss! Huah Ah! Huat Ah! Ong Ah! Ong Ah! It was my third loh sang of the year while Pat finally got to participate in her first ever loh sang tossing occasion. 

Ready for loh loh loh sang sang sang!!! 
Smile everybadiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Plastic plates and chop stick was provided for us to eat the tasty loh sang while making our way outside to enjoy the Lion Dance.  Yeay!!! My first Lion Dance for the year. I stood depan-depan so I can get the best view. They performed and I almost joined them! Hehehe! Tong chiang! Tong chiang! Tong tong chiang! I recall edwhen I was younger, my sister and I would use our blanket to perform our own version of the Lion Dance and annoy our Amma! Nowadays, baru dua minit sakit pinggang redy. Adoi. :P 

Lion lai lorrrrrrrrrrr!!! 

Not just any Lion but this Lion got Ironman light on the head woah! ;) 
One of the albummmmmmmmmm *picture courtesy of Churp2

While still walaping the loh sang, dinner was ready and served…waaaaaa….best giler. Jom serang!!! We were too busy eating, drinking, laughing and having fun till forgot to snap the pictures of the food. 

Kevin kacau Pat time! *photo courtesy of Churp2 

Meantime, the next line of entertainment came on in the form of stand-up comedy performance by Phoon Chi Ho. He left us in stiches with his jokes with slight technical problem with the mike. 

Mr. Funnyman! *photo courtesy of Churp2

Later on it was time to give out prizes, crates of Tiger Radler Beer along with Churp Churp infamous blue bird! I got Pat to join the dancing competition and she was a happy girl winning her first ever Churpie. 

Go Pat gooooo!!! Woot! Woot! 
Dancing Queens and Kings Churpers! 

The contest part was really funny with people eyeing for the main prize. People laughing enjoying kao kao the hospitality and warmth of the event. Nick Yap came up for a small speech to flash back on past Churp Churp event and to update on future happenings. 

Thank you Tiger Radler & Churp Churpppp!!! 

I for sure will ‘stalk’ Churp Churp’s facebook, twitter, Instagram accounts and blog so I could join all their awesome #Churprimere, #Churpout and what not!


If you have yet to follow and like them, you have no idea what you are missing, so instead of wasting time stalking after your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend online, why not get yourself ‘connected’ with Churp Churp instead and who knows, you might just meet the special someone with the help of the ‘blue bird’! 

Huat ah gang!!! 

Here’s to more awesome events by my favourite online community social network site! 

My favorite blue bird!!! 


  1. Hmm.. I haven't join Churp Churp n Nuffnang activities for so long.
    Rasa macam amateur blogger balik.. Haha

  2. Jom join the next one!!! Lai lai lai! :)