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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Saving Mr. Banks Review

A Yank and Brit collabo yo! 
Saving Mr. Banks Review – Who does not love a Disney movie ey? I still sing along to Aladdin, smile ear to ear when the Beast changed into Prince and shed tears when Mufasa died. Sadly in my opinion Disney is sorta losing its magic a little or perhaps I’m growing old and losing the child in me instead. Either way I loved Mary Poppins and was looking forward to witness how Movie Deal of That Century was made between Mrs. P.L. Travers and Mr. Walt Disney.
Trust me Pamela! 
This is not your typical Disney movie as it’s not a fairy tale but a chronicle of what happened behind the scene in order to bring Mary Poppins ‘alive’ into the silver screen. Author of the book, P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson) is heavy hearted into ‘giving’ the rights of her beloved children book to be made into a movie by Mr Disney (Tom Hanks). To Mrs. Travers, Mary Poppins (not just Mary but Mary Poppins mind you!) meant the world as she was her escape from her difficult childhood living in Australia while dealing with her alcoholic father, Travers Goff (Colin Farrell). The movie goes back and forth from Travers early years to her current ‘sour puss’ persona. Travers had to be such way because she had to grow up earlier than her peers. Her only escape is her writing and memories of her late father. Will Mr Disney succeed in using his charm to melt the ‘ice queen’ into trusting him to keep his promise to his daughters into trying to bring their beloved ‘Nanny’ to the big screen? Unless you have been living under a rock or perhaps born in the late 90’s, you know that Mary Poppins did indeed capture our imagination with her wit and her famous “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-ness’. What is interesting to observe is the process of adhering the author’s tough demands and how Mr Disney and his team strived to fulfil such requests.  
Thank God I made it there!!! Yeeeehaaaa
Mini Disney!!! 
Tom Hanks & Emma Thompson….ahhhh… favourite American and British talents finally combining force in a feel good movie. I can die happily now. Add Colin Farrell and Paul Giamatti (Ralph), Voila! Disney magic is at its best again.  Side-kicks in the form Jason Schwartzman (Richard Sherman), B.J. Novak (Robert Sherman), Bradley Whitford (Don DaGradi) and child talent Annie Rose Buckley (as Ginty), Saving Mr Bank had just the right ingredient into making the making of Mary Poppins as good as Mary Poppins again. The music, the feel good factor, the atmosphere, I feel like flying a kite! Heck, I might just start to drink tea with a spoonful of sugar if not for the fear of getting diabetic! Great job by the director into capturing the magic that is Disney!!! 
Talented brothers 
Want some tea? 
I remember how happy I was the moment I stepped into Disneyland, California back in 2007! It’s been almost 10 years but I can still recall the ‘magical’ feeling that seeped into me. Losing my camera and getting it back again. What more when I went close to Christmas time. Wonderful decorations everywhere. Friendly faces, familiar noises, fake snow…it was all too much for me till I literally wept from being too happy! It was total awesomeness which I will never forget and will revisit over and over and over whenever I feel down. I felt the connection between myself and Mrs. PL Travers because I like to associate things with feelings, which is not good but I can’t help it. Perhaps it’s just the way we are. There’s something about Disneyland and Disney movies which I’m grateful of the existence for us busy adults to throw away our worries and enjoy relive our childhood even just for few hours. Viva La Disney!

Mr. Disney at Disneyland
Mani at Disneyland circa 2007! *selfie epic fail :P

P/s - Thanks Ivan for the ticket swap!

P/s 2 - Clink the link below to re-live my LA cum Disney adventure

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