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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Lego Movie review

It's finally here!!! 
Lego Movie review – Hands up if you have spent your time playing Lego for hours imagining hundreds, heck thousands of scenes in your head. You up make your own love, horror, action stories in your head and bring it to life with you own soundtrack and sound effects (I know some of my grown up friends still do this!). *Everything is awesome! Then you grow up and curse whenever you accidently step on a piece, it hurts like a mofo if you terpijak on one or more if you are unlucky. I just hope kids in the future will not focus too much on their iPad and whatnot screen and miss out on the fun they could have while playing with this interlocking kalerful bricks! You can ‘finger play’ them temple run, flappy bird, candy crush and God knows what else game on the screen but there’s nothing like building your own superjet, supercar, superbike and Lord knows what else using them bricks! *Everything is awesome! 
Emmet and his gang! 
As for the movie…man! I felt like a kid again…even though some of my friends think I still behave like a kid. It was awesome! Hang on! *Everything is awesome! Awesome awesome awesome! The story is about Emmet (Chris Pratt) a legal clerk…eh wait that’s me! I mean Emmet, a construction worker stuck on his mundane construction world doing the same thing in and out until he bumps into the mysterious Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks) who convince him that there is a bigger world…errr….Lego world out there and it’s being controlled by Lord Business (Will Ferrell) with the help of BadCop/Good Cop (Liam Neeson). Wyldstyle thinks that Emmet is the special one and brings him to meet Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman) at Cuckoo Cloudland after passing thru few other Lego World. They arrive and meet with Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, heck...have fun spotting other interesting 'Master Builders'. Together they plan to defeat Lord business and Emmet discovers his own 'power'. Will they suceed in their mission? *Everything is awesome! 
One for the album!!! 
The cast! Walauwey! If you thought the movie was awesome wait till you try to figure out which famous actor voiced which character. Some are very easy to spot, like Morgan Freeman, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Neeson, Charlie Day. Then there’s some of the new talents who contributed the voice were simply awesome as well. It’s like they were tailor made to play their part years ago. You can imagine how the actors would look like if they were turned into a Lego piece character! *Everything is awesome! The special effects! Cool giler wey! So full of colors! So vibrant! So Legooooooooo!!! I wish I was a Lego! Muahaha!

Band of supercast! 
Ehem! She was one yummy Uni-Kitty! Meow
I’ve been waiting for this movie to release and must say it didn’t disappoint me one bit! It fulfilled all my expectation and even went beyond it during the final scene when there is a twist to it. Here’s a clue….look out for the piece of resistant! You will be thinking dafug is that stupid piece all about then BAM! It hits you! Well played Mr Director. Well played! I’m glad this movie did not spoil my childhood memory of playing with my Lego but instead got me thinking of buying a new set and start playing Lego again! Would be fun to get lost in the Lego world just like last time. If you think this movie is a child play then you are missing out my friend. If you have kids, anak saudara, get rid of them electronics devices and spend some awesome time watching this film and after the movie go get yourself some Lego and make it a point to play with them whenever you can and you will understand the meaning of *Everything is awesome. 
Movie unlike any other!!!

P/s - Thanks Ahmad Daud for the tickets!!! :)

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