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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Thor 2 : The Dark World Review

Thor is back with his miu miu!

Thor 2 : The Dark World Review – After avenging the Earth from the bad guys in Avengers, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is back to his Asgard while Loki (Tom Hiddleston) gets prisoned for treason. Thor is in line to take the throne from Odin (Anthony Hopkins) but Thor’s heart is set on Jane Forster (Natalie Portman). Jane accidently stumbles upon an ancient destructive force that used to belong to Dark Elves whom was defeated by Odin’s father, King Bor. Upon noticing that Heimdall (Idris Elba) can’t ‘detect’ Jane, Thor travels to Earth and brings back Jane to Asgard to protect her from Malekith which in turn almost destroyed Asgard. With help of Loki, Thor leaves his homeland to travel all over the universe so that the Dark Elves don’t return and plunge the Universe into darkness (Hence the title The Dark World).
Reminds me of a scary looking Tele-tubbies! Kan? 
After the awesomeness of earlier Thor, Captain America and Avengers, I was looking forward to be blown away by the sequel. Unfortunately I was kinda disappointed. There were loads of blow ups, wits and special effects but I was not sold. It felt like another one of those big budget movies given freedom to burn the money instead of using it for a good purpose. The dialogues were lame at times. Except for Loki who were mischievous when he uttered his words. Some scenes were downright cheesy, bad cheese mind you.
Ready for Thor 3?
Character wise, Chris was macho was Thor no less, Tom stole the scenes he was in. Natalie got to show her scientist part while the rest of the cast did well for their pay grade. Don’t expect any Oscar nomination, that’s for sure. The special effect with the ‘miu miu’ flying from one realm to another realm along with the cars, fighter jets gets kinda boring after some time. Overall…you can notice I’m not impressed at all.
Mr & Mrs. Thor in the 3 Thor perhaps?
Bring on Chris Evans, Captain America, Winter Soldier to revive my excitement towards the Avengers please because, I’m not a fan Iroman either. Yup, sue me! I prefer boyish looking Chris E over macho Chris H! Don’t even get me started about Robert Downy Jr. Bluergh…watch it if you are hardcore fan of Marvel (Avengers to be specific) comics or else you are not missing much. Heck, even the two ‘extra’ scenes after end credit is not much to shout at. Yawn.  

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