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Friday, 3 July 2015

Terminator Genisys Review

Another reboot? Heck...why not ey? 
Terminator Genisys Review – *Confession – I’ve NEVER watched any of the Terminator movies before. The reason I went for this was for Jai Courtney.
He did say 'He'll be back!!! are these 'fellas'....
Fresh from the above confession…I have no idea what Terminator is about except that Arnold ‘Susah nak eja’ found fame from the franchise and that he was 37 when the first movie was released in 1984. Getting into numbers…this is Terminator’s fifth instalment with Arnold playing up to three (3) versions of himself at the "old but not obsolete" age of 67. Fuh…for someone who hate numbers that is already a mini headache for me. Until the flick starts to time travel from the present which is actually the future to the past then back to the future then back to the past and to the present….you still with me? I lost count of how many times the characters jumped time. What I got was John Connor (Jason Clarke) sends Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) back to 1984 to stop Skynet from killing John's Mom, Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke). However due to last minute twist Kyle lands in a different ‘version’ of Los Angeles. He does meet with a younger version of Sarah who is aware of the Judgment Day and are also on a mission to prevent it from happening. With the help of the ‘good’ Terminator (Arnold masih susah nak eja) they time travel (not again!) until they meet the older version of John Connor. Confused yet? It may if I try to put it in words but thankfully the movie does make sense. At least it did to me. what is the plan guys? 
As mentioned earlier, the reason I watched this flick was seeing Jai Courtney being naked (ehem) in the trailer and thankfully not all nudity was censored. Other than that I didn’t bother much. Nonetheless the special effects especially bringing back the younger version of Arnold was awesome to show the younger generation what a ‘handsome’ fella he is/was. The destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge and most of Los Angeles feels too familiar after watching San Andreas earlier. Hollywood should consider ‘destroying’ other places in States besides New York and LA man. #justsaying. it just me or do I see a spark in your eyes? 
Despite all the bang bang boom in the movie there is a message (really really!) of not relying too much on technology until we lose our humanity. If one were to look carefully, ‘Skynet’ is already around us with people refusing to part with their gadgets. Perhaps it’s time we let the battery run out and reconnect back to our human side. 

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