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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Ted 2 Review

...don't let the suit fool you, Ted is still a potty mouth! 
Ted 2 Review – The talking teddy bear is back with his thunder buddy for another set of adventure.
Thunder buddies for life!!! 
Despite all the ‘drama’ John (Mark) and Lori (Mila) did get married but it didn’t last as they were divorced in less than 2 years. Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) meanwhile has found the love of his life in Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth). However the ‘furry-tale’ reunion between a teddy bear and women quickly turns into a nightmare when both of them start to fight more often than making love. In order to solve the problem, Ted suggests that they start a family and that’s when the trouble really starts. Ted had to sit for trial to prove that he is not a property but a ‘person’ with feelings. How will a stuffed toy show that ‘he’ have emotions? If you can sit thru obsessive profanities, you might just find out how…   
I did not watch the first movie until recently and honestly the only reason was because Mila Kunis was acting in it. I didn’t even watch it for Mark Wahlberg or the talking teddy bear. Naturally I was disappointed when Mila didn’t return for the sequel. She is instead ‘replaced’ by Amanda ‘Mama Mia’ Syefried as John’s new love interest. Which I must say was a slight mismatch as Amanda looks a bit too young to be paired with Mark. Besides the casting discrepancy, certain jokes also touch sensitive matters a little too much. One has to be really open minded to abusive language to get to the ending of the flick. threesome 
Despite the grouch, I enjoyed Ted 2 better than Ted. If you have spare time, go catch it with your own thunder buddy. 

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