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Friday, 16 January 2015

The Re-write Review

Hugh is back! 
The Re-write Review – Not sure if the movie is about Hugh Grant’s imitation of his life.
I don't mind having him to teach me a thing or two! Ehem! 
Keith Michaels (Hugh Grant) wrote an Oscar winning story but hit the snag from then onwards. All out of wits, he finally takes up a teaching position in a small town and thought he could just cruise the semester without actually doing any teaching. Things take a turn when he stumbles upon Holly Carpenter (Marissa Tomei) and the rest of his students who ignites his interest to properly educate and share his knowledge on screenwriting. Slowly his life starts to make sense again and Keith tries to pick up where he left off.
In Malay I would call her Marissa Comei! hehehe 
Hugh Grant…now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time. The charm is still there despite few extra wrinkles. Looking at him made me miss the old British charm lacking in the new crop of talents. I just hope Hugh will grow old as the charming yet annoying lad who fought with Colin Firth in Bridget Jones. The same word old can’t be used yet on Marissa Tomei as she still looks stunning like the day she won her Oscars award in ’87. Hard to believe she is in her 50’s. What can I say some people’s appeal does not fade away even after years have gone by. The storyline is pretty much laidback just like any of Hugh’s previous work so don’t expect any life changing moment but to enjoy a simple movie.
Extra lesson not in the jadual! 
With tonnes of heavy drama, blockbuster and what not, it’s nice to unwind to a sleepy town flick. Take a load off and just smile at the mistakes and lesson learned by Keith. You will do just fine. 

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