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Thursday, 22 January 2015

I Review hu

Don't mess with this hunchback dey! 
I Review – Yes people, I watch Tamil movie once in a blue moon especially if AR Rahman is involved.
Ada ada ada...semma jodi 
We all have our crush on a celebrity or two as does Lingesan/Lee (Vikram) who is nuts about top model Diya (Amy Jackson). Imagine his excitement when he gets a chance to work with her on a big modelling job in China when her existing male model partner, John (Upen Patel) pester her about sleeping with him. However being brought up in the slumps cause trouble when Lingesan could not model as per the Director’s requirement. In order to erase the awkwardness, Diya lies about being in love with Lee until Osma, a jealous trans-gender make artist who is infatuated by Lee breaks the truth to him. Heartbroken, Lee just wants to complete his job and return to his old life until Diya falls for him for real. Their ad campaigns become hit after hit but Lee’s refusal to represent a non-healthy drink company cost his employer a big loss. Unhappy by his decision, his employer hatch a plan along with Diya’s family Doctor, John, Osma and Lee’s bodybuilding rival, Ravi (each with their own agenda to get back at Lee) to ruin Lee’s life. Just when Lee thought he had lost everything he worked for along with his love, he finds out the truth and set upon getting his revenge against those who betrayed him.
Vikram…macha…this fella…I hate to admit it but he is so damn talented wey. Give him any role; he will tackle it with his eyes closed. Just for this flick, he played three (3) roles, as the innocent naïve fella, handsome and to die for model and a hunchback. I almost drooled few times watching him on screen (during the modelling part lar) but I rather not dwell on it. His equally hot co-star, Amy was also an eye candy, just need some brush up on her acting chops. The rest of the cast did their best to provide comic relief and add more flavour. Now, one of the reason I don’t watch Tamil movies is because of the song and dance sequence but with AR Rahman helming the music, I got no complain what so ever. This man is a genius unlike any other and I wonder where he gets all those wonderful music that he compose so flawlessly. Story is quite predictable but Vikram’s acting really made up for the hiccups.
....ithu athukum make sure you watch it machi! 
Can’t remember the last Tamil movie I watched in the cinema but this was a good restart. I hope more movies like this will be made so I can leave Hollywood for a while and lepak at Kollywood every now and then. Take my word for this one and I’m sure you will also 'mersala ayiruve machi’! Now excuse while I try to hum to some of the awesome songs featured in this flick…..ennode nee…. 

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