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Friday, 30 January 2015

PK Review

...the alien has landed! 
PK Review – Yes this is a Hindi flick but Aamir Khan as an alien should worth the watch right? alien and a reporter! 
PK (Aamir Khan) is an alien stranded in Rajasthan, India (finally an alien lands in other part of the world besides America!) after his ‘remote control’ was stolen. In search of the stolen item, PK travels all the way to Dehli while learning about human nature. Meanwhile, Jagadjanani aka Jaggu (Anushka Sharma) had just return from Bruges after a heartbreak to work for a local news channel and as fate would have it, their cross path. After watching and listening to PK’s story about ‘looking for God’, Jaggu is convince that she have landed herself story of a lifetime. PK goes on television and gets the people to think about the existence of God. The climax of the story is when PK goes head on with a high Priest to debate about human existence. Will PK get back his ‘remote control’ and return to his home planet? You just have to watch this amazing movie to find out for yourself!
...alien trying to blend in....
Aamir Khan is one of my favourite Hindi actors because his movies are usually different from the other flicks Bollywood likes to churn out. It was a delight to watch him acting like a new born baby trying to learn and absorb our way of life. Try to bulge your eyes for more than 5 minutes and you will understand what I mean. While Anushka Sharma held on her own with a strong character portrayal. The storyline is truly thought provoking that will get your to think about your own beliefs. Coupled with the customary song and dance sequence, this flick is a joy to watch.
...unique friendship like any other
Do watch this picture with an open mind. With the way of the world today that is on the edge of misunderstanding over a small matter. It won’t hurt to question and figure out our purpose in this world.  

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