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Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Indian Cinderella???
Once upon a time, an Indian girl crazy about movies dreamt of attending the World Premiere of a fairy tale picture at the movie capital of the world.  She wished upon a star but realized it would just be a wishful thinking until she stumbled upon the wonderful contest by TGVCinemas. 
Mother of contest!!! 
I guess dreams do come true so the next step is to convince the panel of fairy Godmother and Godfather of judges to understand that the ‘shoe’ (read : the amazing prize) fits this hopeful participant.
....if the shoe fits.....
Growing up, Cinderella was one of my favourite fairy tales so imagine my feeling when I found out its being made into feature film directed by Prof. Gilderoy Lockhart…errr… I mean Mr. Kenneth Branagh with an amazing cast consisting of Oscar winner Cate Blanchett and the quirky Helena Bonham! Wiiiiiiiiii
Cinderella and Tinkerbell? 
Among Snow White, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella has been my top choice because despite losing her mother and made slave by her step-mother and step-sisters she remained good and kind to the family. Thank God the Fairy Godmother gave her chance to finally fall in love and change her life.
Mom & I in Singapore...
Mom & I in Singapore again! 
Mom & I in Bali! 
Mom & I back in Bali! 
Mana boleh tak pegi KLCC kan? 
We stopped by Malacca! 
Traveled to Kota Kinabalu! 
...went to Cat City! 
...perhaps Hollywood next? 
I lost my mother unexpectedly recently and been trying to live on my own since her passing. Thank God despite breaking down every now and then I’m still surviving. It was my dream to take my mother to travel around the world. We made it to Bali and Singapore but I will continue to carry her memories with me just like Cinderella did. I hope I could ‘take my Mom to Hollywood’, a dream destination and attend the premiere of the story she used to read to me when I was a kid. 
I'm willing to travel by a Pumpkin! 

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