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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Kingsman : The Secret Service Review

New spy in town! 
Kingsman : The Secret Service Review – Forget James Bond, Jason Bourne or even Johnny English, there’s a new spy in town and he will egg-pun intended all his other comrades with his charm!
One perfect egg! 
Look at that yummyness! 
Eggsy (Taron Egerton) is a fatherless kid growing up in a tough neighbourhood until Harry Hart (Colin Firth) offers him an opportunity of a lifetime. The training to become one of the Kingsman is no walk in the park as Eggsy had to go thru a gruelling selection process. All the while with a sinister plan by Valentine (Samuel L Jackson) to take over the world. With time against them, it’s up to the Kingsman to save the day. 
...then there is Colin.... 
Newcomer Taron Egerton is a really charmer both as a ghetto and spy in the making. Whether he is in his ‘hip hop’ or ‘smart suit’, he sure did melt my heart with his good looks. I hope he will graduate into James Bond when he is a little older. While my other Brit crush, Colin Firth still looks dashing even with extra wrinkles. What can I say…he will always be my favourite Mr. Darcy! What makes this flick different than the rest is the style is was shoot, so damn cool! Right from the beginning till the end you are bet to smile in admiration for the British way of movie making.
Pick your weapon! 
Watch out the ‘firework’ scene done so ‘lavishly’ which otherwise would have been an ugly bloody mess. Bring on the sequel I say! I’ve had enough of James Bond and want more Kingsman! 

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