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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Project Almanac Review

Dare to travel back in time? 
Project Almanac Review – Couple of smart kids stumble upon time travel theory and try to create their own machine with dire consequences.
Welcome to yesterday...once more
David is a brilliant student faced with financial problem to attend college. In order to score scholarship, he goes thru his late father’s stuff and come across blue print on how to build a time machine. Together with his trusted buddies, they gather their brains and manage to travel back in time. Unfortunately their action cause trouble once they ‘return’ to the future. Will they able to set things back to how it was before it’s too late?
Time...not to be messed with
I don’t understand the technic of shooting a film with the damn shaky camera ala Blair Witch Project. Its fine if some of the scenes are shot in such way but this movie is like 80% go pro endorsed I think. Any longer my head would spin out of my body. The storyline is pretty much a stale one with people trying to change something is the past in hope for a better future but end up screwing it up. I guess every generation needs their time travelling movie so this flick was made with updated gadgets and current happening to get younger market to watch it.   
...when it happens...
On personal note, if I were given a chance to travel back in time. I’m not sure if I would want to do it. I mean maybe I would travel just to ‘see’ what happen but certainly would not want to mess with anything that has happened. How about you? Would you travel back in time to change anything from your past? 

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