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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Short reviews of movies I watched but got too lazy to do the usual longer review

Run boys run!!!
The Maze Runner – Adolescent boys trapped in a maze like place and try to find their way out only to discover a bigger plot is waiting for them once they escape. Surprised to see the cute boy from ‘Love Actually’ is all grown up. There is a sequel coming up.

Paging for Van Helsing
Dracula Untold – Dracula was once a caring ruler, husband and father until he had to make an ultimate sacrifice that turned his life around. Luke Evans takes a break from The Hobbit and helms this flick. A reminder that everybody has their reason for being the way they are.

Denzel got your back! 
The Equalizer – Denzel Washington practically takes down an entire Russian prostitution ring. Chloë Grace Moretz is fast becoming an amazing actress and I look forward to more awesome work from her. It was kinda too ‘bloody’ for my liking yet good effort to get Denzel back on the screen again.
Wanna play? 
Annabelle – After all the hype Annabelle created during The Conjuring, this was a big let-down. Cheap scare and wooden-pun intended performance by the cast didn’t help much. Biggest let down was the ending which got me going…”erk…wat the heck? That’s it? Chet!!!”

He loves me, he loves me not...
Love, Rosie – Never have I watched an annoyingly cute love story such as this. You will be going….’Arghh….enough oredi ler’ yet still enjoy the annoying parts. Good chemistry between Sam and Lily made it barely to watch but God forbid anybody from going thru what these nuts went thru.

Don't mess with him! 
John Wick – Keanu as John Wick is back as an ex-hitman to whack those responsible for killing his dog. No matter how action packed his flicks are, Keanu’s face reaction is still the same emotionless. Lantak dia lar, tengah nangis ke, tembak orang ke, sepak orang…muka maintain je mamat ni. Another one of those bang bang you die flick.

Think you Boss sucks? 
Horrible Bosses 2 – Hollywood’s 3 idiots are back with another dumbarse plan to get back at the investor who cheated them. Unfortunately things that could go wrong go wrong with a twist. The returning cast and new addition makes no different to the jalan cerita. I just need to know one thing….how on Earth is Jennifer Aniston is still that hot at her age?

What are you thinking? 
Gone Girl – This got to be one of the most mind fucking flick I ever watched. It’s based on a book and was well done into bringing into the big screen. Ben is in his usual almost Keanu like facial reaction (read: emotionless). Rosamund Pike however was on another level, if you didn’t know who she was before this, trust me you will never forget her after this. Makes you think twice about who you are married to. Did I mention I got mind fucked by this movie?

Boggart, dragon...bla bla bla...
Seventh Son - Seventh Son – If you think your ex sucks, wait till you see how pissed Malkin (Julianne Moore) is when Gregory (Jeff Bridges) ‘breaks her heart’. To make matters worse, Malkin is a powerful witch so all hell breaks loose when she escapes from her prison. The only way to stop her is with the help of the seventh son of the seventh son Tom Ward (Ben Barnes). Together the Spook and his apprentice embark on a journey to end evil from ruling the world. CGI, lame romantic scenes, blab la bla…what a stinky way to end my movie watching year with this stinky poo. Haih. 2015…you better serve me better flicks. 

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