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Friday, 26 December 2014

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb Review

Who's your favourite? 
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb Review – 3rd instalment of spending night at the museum. As usual the first flick was good but let’s not mention about the second stinker. Will this final chapter serve as a proper farewell?
Reunited once again with some new addition
After the successful attempt to keep the museum ‘alive’ with the help of Tablet of Ahkmenrah, Larry (Ben Stiller) was hoping things would get ever better. Unfortunately the Tablet seems to be ‘running out of power’ which impacts his ‘exhibit friends’. In order to figure out how to restore its magic, Larry makes a journey to London where parents of Ahkmenrah are displayed. All the while Larry had also had to face the fact that his son Nicky (Skyler Gisondo) is growing up and Larry had to learn to accept Nicky’s decision on how to shape his life. Once Larry and Ahkmenrah manage to sneak inside the London Museum, he was surprised to find that most of his ‘gang’ decide to join the cause. Together they witness ‘characters’ such as Lancelot, Triceratops, Garuda come alive for the first time. Just when Larry finally gets to meet Merenkahre (Ben Kingsley), a confused Lancelot (Dan Stevens) decides to take matters into his hands. With time running out to restore the tablet’s power will Larry succeed in his one last important task or let his ‘friends’ down?
Guard of the year! 
You are missed Sir. :( 
It’s like a reunion unlike any other. Especially knowing that two talented people in this flick are no longer around, namely Robin Williams and Mickey Rooney. I was looking out for ‘Teddy’ to appear on screen and every time he did, my heart hurt a little. Sigh…what a loss. Stiller was his usual self trying to figure things out on how to deal with his responsibility as both the night guard and father. New additions Rebel Wilson and Dan Stevens were an excellent choice adding extra flavour. The special effects when the London Museum exhibit was a delight to watch as well. Look out for Pompeii volcano and how Dexter saves Jedd (Own Wilson) and Octavius (Steve Coogan) and also some ‘kitties trying to catch the light’. Makes me want to visit the London Museum soon.
Brit humor at it's best! 
When the franchise started I was intrigued to learn about the world history and spend time at the museum (unfortunately our National Museum is a sad state).  After this flick I hope I can one day make my way to the museums all over the world and expand my knowledge on world history. Who wants to join me? 
Thank you Yes4G for the preview pass! 

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