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Monday, 8 December 2014

Dumb and Dumber To Review

They ride again! 
Dumb and Dumber To Review – Lloyd and Harry are back with their antics, pranks and tricks after 20 years.
In case if you are wondering what happen to these two nutters, Lloyd was held in a mental asylum until he finally decides to reveal his real reason getting Harry to change his diaper. It was a prank! For twenty years, Lloyd fooled Harry into thinking he had lost his mind. Talk about determination! Once both friends are back together, Harry informs Lloyd that he needs a new kidney as soon as possible. Together their go back to Harry’s parents to try to get them to donate either one of their kidneys, bad news gets worst when Harry’s parents inform them that he was adopted. Not all is lost when Harry goes thru his old mail and discovers that he could have a daughter, Penny (whom was given up for adoption). They try to locate her and a whole hoopla of adventure awaits them. Will Harry be reunited with his daughter? Is it really his daughter? Does he really need a kidney transplant?
tsk tsk tsk....back doesn't mean it's better....
Oh Jim and Jeff…why bother to come back and leave sour after taste to a characters I used to like? You guys just made me sigh trying to milk the funny out of the original roles. All I could see were two great actors being used a puppets. Shame on the directors and those involved for even coming up with a lame of an excuse for this follow up flick. Lloyd and Harry should have just remained Dumb and Dumber and never be revived ever in a stinker of a sequel.

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