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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Pyramid Review

#noshitSherlock You only enter once! 
The Pyramid Review – Some ruins are better left uncharted.
The curse? More like tsk tsk 
Father and daughter team of archaeologists are excited about their new discovery of an unmapped Pyramid. Unfortunately just when they are about to explore further, the local government decides to shut them down because of the political unrest in the country. Determined to get at least some information, the team uses their expensive rover to survey. After just few feet, the rover goes missing so the team together with a reporter and her cameraman decides to retrieve it. They manage to get back the roved but it is badly damaged. On trying to find their way out, the team gets lost inside the maze of the Pyramid. One and after wrong turn and mistakes cause them to discover what is actually ‘laid’ inside the Pyramid. Will the team makes it out alive?
Ok...siapa nak masuk and mampos dulu? 
Haih…with practically unknown cast, it’s a no brainer to place one’s bet on who will die first or who will actually makes alive at the end of the movie. The camera work is another headache inducing process but at least the music was ok. Don’t get me started about the storyline…it’s just an insult to your intelligence. I was just looking forward to step out of the cinema and thank Anubis didn’t spend my hard earn cash to buy the tickets (I got the preview tickets from my friend) and watch this stinky poo.
Dead body...*hint ain't gonna make it alive girl :P 
The only fun moment I had was when my friend pulled an ‘emergency break’ action on her seat during one of the silly scare scene. The rest should remain buried in my mind. 

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