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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Paddington Review

Not just an ordinary Bear. 
Paddington Review – Move aside Winnie…here comes the Brown Bear with special obsession for Marmalade from Darkest Peru to steal our hearts.
Paddington takes on the escalator. 
A British explorer travel to darkest Peru and discovers a rare species of Bear. There he learns and teach them a few things about London and civilisation. Before he leaves, the explorer invites the Bear family to visit him. After years have passed, the young Bear (voiced by Ben Whishaw) upon losing his Uncle Pastuzo (voiced by Michael Gambon) and leaving his Aunt Lucy (voiced by Imelda Staunton) at Bears Retirement Home, takes up on the offer and heads towards London. Upon reaching Paddington Station, he gets the taste of human ignoring and trying to avoid him except for Mrs. Brown (Sally Hawkins) who was kind enough to convince her husband to provide shelter for the Bear until he gets a ‘home’. The bear is named Paddington and wrecks some havoc at the Brown’s home. As they help him find the explorer, Paddington has a series of mis-adventures, unaware that a taxidermist Millicent (Nicole Kidman) is on his trail, determined to add him to the species on exhibition at the Natural History Museum. Where will Paddington end up? Will he get a home? Or get ‘stuffed’ and placed in a glass exhibit? 
Watch out for this villain! 
There’s something about any film that has British cast that I like so much. Perhaps it’s their accent but they seem to fall on my favourite side so you can imagine me smiling while watching this movie. I don’t have to mention actors by name but each of them were brilliant in their role however big, small or errr….furry. The Director managed to capture London’s essence, both of its good and bad side. It only made me want to visit this city even more. One day London! One day! I might just wait at a train station to get a ‘home’ too. 
Guess who is in town? 
With the holiday season upon us, this is a heart-warming movie to be enjoyed with your family. Go get a red hat and blue coat and enjoy Paddington’s adventure around London city till he embarks on a new journey soon. Here’s hoping for a delightful sequel soon.

P/s - Paddington is on adventure around Malaysia so be sure to get a hug from him if you manage to spot him! 

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