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Friday, 20 June 2014

The Rover Review

A Guy and a Robert....geddit? 
The Rover Review – What can I say…I got fooled by these words ‘Official Selection Festival De Cannes”, Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson.
Just one set of cloths for the whole stinky movie
It starts at an Australian desert few years after the economic breakdown. Eric’s (Guy Pearce) only possession, his car gets jacked by three (3) guys who seems like they were on a run. Eric is determined to get it back so he pursues them till he bumps into one the guy’s brother, Rey (Robert Pattinson) who is wounded. Together they go on a long drive till they finally catch up with the three car jackers only to ‘get back Eric’s car’. What happens in between are pure crap.
...from Vampire to errr....whatever this is...
Guy Pearce burst into Hollywood about  the time as Hugh Jackman, looks at where Hugh is and Guy is. Enough said. As for Robert, let’s wait and see where he is going to be in another few more years shall we? 
Tsk tsk tsk.....
I have nothing nice to say about this movie except for…hmm…nope…no exception….really got nothing else to say…oh yeah…except this almost 2 hour chocker might persuade you to leave the cinema within 5, 10, 30, 45 minutes after its starts. 

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