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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Blended Review

Together again for the 3rd time! 
Blended Review – Adam Sandler is one of my favourite comedian-actor while Drew is my favourite Angel. I loved their previous combo in ‘50 First Dates’ and was looking forward to this new flick. It’s like a continuation some sort after they hook up in the abovementioned movie.
Dad's guide to name daugthers...NOT! 
Jim (Adam Sandler) and Lauren (Drew Barrymore) are both single parents who are blessed with three (3) daughters and two (2) sons respectively. They go on a very bad boring blind date and swore off each other. Fate however has another plan for them as Jim’s Boss, Dick  and Lauren’s business partner, Jen ends up being a couple. Dick’s and Jen’s initial plan to go on an African holiday gets changed into Jim’s and Lauren’s family vacation. Little did they know that they are gona bump into each other in another Continent. Both families try to put aside their differences aside and enjoy their African adventure. Somehow funny, awkward, dangerous circumstances bring both families closer together. Their respective kids start admiring the other parent. Lauren strike special bond with the girls while Jim hit it off with the boys. Will this special connection lead to a relationship or fizzle out once they leave Africa? Tune in and find out.  
One errr.....two happy family? 
As mentioned earlier, Adam can do no wrong with his egg face humour while Drew compliments his wit with her own funny side. Put them together at an exotic location and it’s a sure fire hit. There are some draggy parts here and there but once the hilarity starts, you can’t help but laugh your lungs out. Another special thing about Adam’s picture is the emotional roller coaster he put you on. One moment you are laughing out loud, the next you will be close to tears. Worthy mention goes to Terry Crews and his band of singing brothers that added extra laughter. Their rendition of African ditty will add more stiches to your already giggling tummy. The safari scenes  will make you want to catch the next flight to see all the elephants, rhinos and other  majestic African animals.

Terry doing his thing! 
After a rather disappointing sequel to Grown Ups, Blended has the proper ingredients to trust in Sandler again. Simple story with tonnes of light moments making it a fun family watch. If you look at it beyond the comedy part, there is an underlying message about family values. You can buy material things with money but there things worth more than that. The sooner you realize it the happier you will become.     

P/s - Thank you Cinema Online for the preview tickets.

My blended gang of friends at the preview. 

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