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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Contracted Review

Not your average movie too! 
Contracted Review – To be honest, I simply joined this movie’s preview contest and didn’t expect to get the passes. Almost didn’t want to attend the preview due to the location, Paradigm Mall…I hate this place man…location cam harem je kat tengah-tengah stupid LDP Highway. That should have been enough warning for me to skip this flick kan? But because I didn’t have anything else and my other friend won as well…I dragged poor Irene along so I wouldn’t cringe alone watching this picture.
Comenyerrrrrr....switched at birth with Sara izzit? 
The movie started off well with Samantha (Najarra Townsend) attending her friend Alice’s (Alice Macdonald) party. All while Sam trying to reach her girlfriend, Nikki on the phone. Her calls keep going to voicemail and Alice gets Sam pissed drunk. Next thing you know, she has ‘one night stand’ in a car with a guy and wakes up in her room at her Mom’s place. Pretty soon Sam realizes her mistake and start getting bad cramps. She visits the doctor who ‘thinks’ she has some kinda rash and viral attack. Sam’s condition starts to deteriorate rapidly. She starts to bleed ‘down there’, blood shot red eyes, chapped lips…in no time she turns from a pretty chick into a living dead lesbian. Sam’s behaviour also starts to go erratic with her throwing tantrums at her mother and friends. Will she survive this ordeal or become an extra in The Living Dead series? Hehehe….
Some of the scenes in the movie. 
Nothing much to say except the main character looking a lot like my Sara Bareilles (*tsk tsk tsk...). The rest of the cast looked like they just finished their course from acting class. If you ask me, I think they should ask for a refund or go back to learn more. The plot…if you can call it that was all over the place. Samantha was all over the place. I just wish she would just stay at one place and ‘die it out’. The only thing worth mentioning is the make-up. The make-up artist managed to turn a pretty chick into a…errrr….well…let’s just say….silap haribulan, you’d be puking your guts out looking at the ‘transformation’. Same could be said about some of the scenes. I had to turn away few times because it was just too damn eeeeeeky! Bluek. Uwekkk…  
#amekko....kan dah tak lawa. :P 
I was surprised this movie made it to our shores, what’s with the main character portrayed as a lesbian, they did however sensor the ‘parts’ but still…I  wish they just banned this movie all together. The message was don’t have sex with random strangers or practice safe sex but heck…it’s still one of the most ‘grossteque’ movie I’ve seen in a long long time and I really really hope there won’t be any sequel of any-kind.    

P/s – Thank you Klips for the preview tickets. 

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