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Friday, 30 May 2014

Camille Rewind Review (French Film Festival Flick)

Better late than never!!! 
Camille Rewind Review (French Film Festival Flick) – How sad it is that it took 2 years for this wonderful flick to reach our shores? It would not even see the day of light here if not for the French Film Festival and I would not have seen it if not for my friend, Sarah and I going on our impromptu French movie date! To be honest, I’m not really a big fan of foreign movies because I’m just too lazy to read the translation on the screen but then we are talking about French language which can sound both nice and annoying sometimes so let’s cut some slack for them Frenchies shall we? Qui?   
When girls get together! 
As the title suggest, it’s about Camille (Noémie Lvovsky – I have no idea how to pronounce her name! :P) a struggling actress in her late 40’s whom her husband, Éric (Samir Guesmi) just ditched for a younger women on New Year’s eve. Camille’s daughter convinces her to attend a party her friends since schooling years, Josepha (the rebel) [Judith Chemla], Alice (the geek) [India Hair], Louise (the pretty) [Julia Faure] are throwing. Camille dresses up in her late mother’s cloths and heads to the party. Overcome by emotions, Camille has a little too much to drink and blacks out. She wakes up the next morning in a hospital with her parents coming to get her and giving her a piece of their mind for drinking and partying too much. Camille is 16 years old all over again.  She tries to make sense of what’s happening but it seems like she is stuck in that situation for the time being. What makes it interesting is Camille already knows what is going to happen and tries to change some of the outcome to avoid heartache she have to face later on. Camille is not sure how long she will ‘stay’ as a teenager so she tries to make amends of the mistake she made when she was actually 16 years old.  Will she able to ‘change’ her past to life a better ‘future’? Is it even possible or it is even real that Camille got a second chance?
Ma & Pa! 
Walking into the cinema without having any idea about the movie was a wonderful delight. The story was an absolute pleasure to watch. Noémie Lvovsky reminded me of Meryl Streep. It’s not even a surprise that she directed this brilliant film. For someone who is way past her teenage years, she played her part pretty well. I could relate to her joy, despair, anger and a wholesome other emotions because I myself am going thru some of her situation sans the waking up as a teenager part. The rest of the supporting cast were also equally marvellous, especially her Mom and Dad, they are such cool parents. Add Camille’s friends and her ‘husband’ into the mix and voila! What a perfect casting. Besides the storyline, the music was also rocking with the girls dancing to Katrina & The Waves performing Walking on Sunshine. I almost got up from my seat and danced in the cinema. Such a wonderful wonderful movie that is making me smile as i'm writing this review. 
Love of her life??? 
Watching this picture made me wish I could wake up one day in my past. It also posed me to ask these questions…what I do? Would I change anything? Would I want to change anything? How about you? Would you want to ‘revisit’ your past? 
French Film Festival
P/s - Merci for the date Sarah, next round we go again okies. :) 

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