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Monday, 12 May 2014

The Other Women Review

Wedding ring or.....just a ring?
The Other Women Review – Haiz…what a mistake I made when I choose to let go the preview tickets for this movie! Punyalah susah lepas tu nak book ticket! Semua tempat dah penuh giler but somehow I managed to catch it, itupun dapat seat depan giler but since I was with a good company, we just overlooked the crappy seat and enjoyed ourselves. Berbaloi ke duduk hampir mendongok tengok gamba ni? Haaaa…..jom baca my review.
I spy.....a cheaterrrrrrrrrr
As the title goes, it’s about a married man, Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), who cheats on his wife with another other women. Worst part is...he is not just cheating on his wife, Kate (Leslie Mann) the basterd even cheats on his other women, Carly (Cameron Diaz) with another woman, Amber (Kate Upton)! Greedy much dickhead? Carly manage to find out that her boyfriend is actually a married man and decides to cut all ties with him. Carly stumbles upon Kate and they somehow end up being good friends bent on taking revenge against Mark. As they get deeper into their plot, they discover more ugly truth about Mark and his scams. Together the ladies try to teach the pig a lesson he will never forget. Will they get their revenge or fall all over again over the cheater’s charm?
Heck yeah!!! 
Cameron Diaz is back doing what she does best yo! With the help of Leslie Mann and Kate Upton. These girls had chemistry bonding over the fraud. Cameron as  a smart lawyer keeping things calm while Leslie goes nuts after finding out she doesn’t have anything of her own, while Kate…with her boobs. Hehehe…Nikolaj was charming when he needed to be but the women in you feel like cutting his dick off for taking advantage of this poor woman’s. Heck, even Nicki Minaj was fun to look at with her clothes on. The cast was well picked; the story was relating enough to feel the women’s frustration. Overall, it’s a good watch for guys trying to think of cheating his girlfriend or wife in the name of LOVE (read: Lust!) while a good lesson to learn for the girls to pick up to avoid being a victim!
when ladies unite! 
Cheating on one’s partner have become so common these days that some people don’t think twice about doing it. They take pleasure in temporary feeling instead of building a long term bond. Best part or should I say worst part is they realize what they are doing is wrong but yet feelings take over the logic. I’m not saying am perfect when it comes to relationship but I’ve been thru the same situation so I can understand the feeling of being cheated on. If you really are in love the person who you are with...why would you even want to think about cheating? It may not be personal to you but have your thought about how the person you are cheating feels about it?

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