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Monday, 26 May 2014

Chef Review

May I take your order please? 
Chef Review - I’ve always admired Jon Favreau as an actor and a director. He is one of those rare talented people who can wear many hats and multi-task well without jeopardizing his vision on a project.  Lately he’s been busy behind the scene so it was only natural I had to catch him on screen trying on another hat as Chef! Let’s see how did his ‘cooking’ turned out to be shall we?
Indeed it is! :)
It’s a simple story about Chef Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) who’s been in a rut working in a high end restaurant. He wants to create his own signature menu. Unfortunately the owner, Riva (Dustin Hoffman) refuse to accept Carl’s idea. During an important review by food blogger, Ramsey Michel (Oliver Platt) Carl wanted to serve his creation but ends up following Riva’s instruction to stick with the original list of servings. Ramsey literally ‘murders’ Carl on the social network. While dealing with this blow, Carl had also had to take care of his son, Percy (Emjay Anthony) who looks up to him. Percy signs his Dad up with a twitter account and both Ramsey and Carl start their ‘war’ online. Carl invites Ramsey back to the restaurant to redeem himself but matters gets worst and Carl ends up losing his job and pride. Fortunately for him, his X-wife, Inez (Sofia Vergara) is still in good terms with him. She suggests Carl goes back to the basic by serving comfort food from food truck. This doesn’t sit well with Carl in the beginning but with no option left, Carl with the help of Inez’s X-husband, Marvin (Robert Downey Jr.) gives it a try. He is joined by his compadre, Martin (John Leguizamo) and Percy. Their truck travels from Miami gaining more ‘followers’ and fame. What will happen by the time they reach Los Angeles? Will Carl and Percy’s father son relationship strengthen? Will Carl gains back his lost pride?
Chef's at work yo! 
Like I mentioned above, Jon can never go wrong with his creation, despite wearing the Director’s hat in this movie, he played the role, Chef, Father, Friend and X-Husband to perfection. I have no single complain about him despite his flaws in trying to be a good Chef, Father, Friend and X-Husband. This dude deserves some kinda recognition soon man! Another worthy mention should go to Emjay Anthony, this boy could steel/melt your heart in a second. So much talent in a tiny figure. I can see him growing up to be a heart breaker with his cute round eyes and curly hair. Sofia was her usual yummy self except for being a bit more mature but still looking yummy, I didn’t quite dig her blonde hair but who cares. John was his usual funny self, while being a true good friend when his friend was down and out of luck. The rest of the supporting cast was also well picked making this flick simply one of the best laid movies I’ve ever watched. Don’t get me started about the food. The only thing missing was the smell when you watch the Chef doing his magic. Even plain bread with cheese will make you drool. Combined with music to suit each pit stop  ‘El Jefe Cubanos’ truck makes, you will find yourselves moving to the melody. As the bond between Carl and Percy improves, you might wish you could get your parents to also drive a food truck across the country. There were so much touching moments in the movie, I found myself almost in tears at some point while also laughing at the jokes.

Come and get your order! 
If there is one movie you need to watch this year despite the flooding of blockbusters, I would suggest you to enter this Chef’s kitchen/food truck. He provides all the right ingredients to warm your heart while teaching a lesson or two on how to get back up when you are at your lowest. It all depends on yourself. Either you lament your bad luck and remain where you are or you make changes to better yourself. A lesson I need myself with the situation I’m in. You will come out of the cinema with a satisfaction of paying for a good meal while being served great course. This Chef has definitely pleased me with his humble serving.

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