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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Bad Neighbours Review

Bring it on!!!
Bad Neighbours Review – Zac Efron & Dave Franco as frat brothers– enough said!
Old school trying to bond with new school! 
New parents, Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) worst nightmare comes true when a group of collage frats boys moves in next door with them. The couple tries not to make things awkward by befriending Teddy (Zac Efron), Pete (Dave Franco) together with their ‘Delta Psi Beta brothers’. However, boys will be boys and all hell breaks loose when the non-stop partying hit the nerves. Mac and Kelly try to get these party animals out of their neighbourhood while Teddy comes up with counter plan. With the peace of the neighbourhood hanging in the balance, how will the rivalry end? Good or bad?
....that abs.....yummy yum yum
Zac Efron…and Dave Franco…my oh my…where do I begin without having any noti thoughts about these two perfect human specimen? They just had to appear on screen and I’m transported into my teen years. I can’t elaborate further without embarrassing myself but you should get the picture. Oh…then there was Seth and Rose…well…they need somebody else to look at in the movie right. Storyline is pretty ridiculous but who cares? All I wanted to look at Zac going topless! Yummyyyyyy
Be my neighbour pls.....
Watch it…I dono why but watch it if you had a bad day. I went in for the movie after a crappy mode and lit up almost immediately laughing my arse off even though the jokes are pretty lame. Sometimes you just need lame so you can forget your trouble a bit and relax. There is however an underlying message…the new parents coming into terms they are no longer the person they used to be…bound by responsibility of taking care their baby. While the frat boy refusal to think about his future after collage. It’s about moving on and adapting to life as we grow older which does not necessarily make a person matures until they realize they have to take control of their destiny. 
how is it even possible to look this good? *drool 

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