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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Edge of Tomorrow Review

Tom & Emily ala Transformers stylo! 
Edge of Tomorrow Review – Tom is back in the big screen and we get to see him die again and again and again and…..yup….again!
Ready to live, die & repeat again and again! 
It’s been quite a while since I saw Mr. Scientology (I missed Oblivion) doing what he does best. After busy busting terrorist and other bad guys in his previous flicks, Tom finally graduates into killing aliens. Lt. Col. Bill Cage (Tom Cruise) is behind-the-scene-military-men who find himself suddenly thrown right smack in the middle of the battle between humans and aliens invading Earth called Mimics. Before he could learn how to use his weapon, he gets killed. End of the movie? Nope…not when he wakes up once again going thru the same war and dies only to wake up at the same situation. This goes on till he bumps into Special Forces warrior Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt). He saves her during one of the repeat battle and finally figures out what is happening to him. Rita had the same condition as Bill so together they combine force to try and end the devastating war. Bill has to die several times till he figures out how to take down the ferocious enemy. As time runs out will he and Rita be able to save the human kind or die one last and never wake up again?  
Make way for my new leading lady please.....
The star of the show is Tom Cruise and he rightfully should be because he delivered one of his ‘charming’ performances to date. His confused state of mind, his will power to fight off the alien, his love to save Rita, his comedic antics. You gotta admit, nobody does it like the one and only Tom Cruise. Then there is Emily, this English rose was a good choice to be paired with Tom but I just feel she was slightly ‘under cooked’ for this role. I like my Emily all prim and proper so it was kinda hard for me to see her getting whacked, bruised while running around carrying weapons bigger than her tiny frame. She did well but I still would like to see her dressed up. Not a bad effort overall Missy. The alien in this movie are one of the worst I’ve seen. I would kill their arse too if I was one of the army personnel. Die you! Die you! Die you! The special effect well suited for any big budget movie so no complains there.
Woah...blonde hair Emily? Really now.....
With the arrival of this flick, one can bet that this year’s summer block busters are ready to roll out. Before the friendly alien robots (read: Transformers) takes over, we get to experience humans taking down Mimic! Heck yeah! Shot them! Kill them! One thing I wonder is why are ‘they’ so pissed? I mean you come to my planet, kill off my people yet you are still angry with us? Dafug is wrong with you stupid alien? Aku sepak kang baru tau! If you don’t like, go find another planet lar! Bengong.  *Damn…now I sound like one of our politicians don’t I? 
We are ready to face the Edge of  Tomorrow! My usual preview suspects! 

P/s – Thank you Zalekha for donating your Churp ChurpChurpremire VIP tickets to my friend and I!  

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