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Monday, 26 August 2013

Kick Ass 2 Review

Here they go...once again...
Kick Ass 2 Review – Errrr….ermmm….pffffftttt…..pppthhhhh…..*scratch head…hmmm…mmm….I dono wey….this Motherfuker (if you feel offended then stop reading now) of a movie is totally something else dey. It is a sequel so if you have watched the first one which also blew my mind away then is pretty much along the same line. I wonder what was going thru the mind of the writer, producer and director who came up with this movie. There is so much bullshit you won’t believe such a movie could aculi see the day of light, in Malaysian cinema some more! I might sound misleading and it’s because I’m confused myself. I’m not sure if I hate or liked it.
Das Autooooooooooo.....
Anyways, the story starts with Mindy aka Hit Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) having to live with her Dad’s former cop partner, Marcus (Morris Chestnut) after Big Daddy’s death in the first installment. Dave aka Kick Ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) meanwhile is trying to figure what is his next course of action. He gets too bored and goes looking for Mindy to train him back into shape and team up to fight crimes. Since Kick Ass emerged, the street is filled with those in costumes trying to keep the streets safe. Mindy refuse to take up his offer so Kick Ass joins a band of superhero wannabes. He gets acquainted with Colonel Stars and Stripes (a very old looking Jim Carrey), Night Bitch and whatnot. Get this…these are names of ‘adiwira’ so just imagine the names of the villains pulak!
Wanna be goodie or baddie?
If you remember, in the first movie, Kick Ass nemesis, Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) witnessed his father dying so he develops a grudge ala Harry Osborne-vs-Spiderman against Kick Ass and is hell bound to have his revenge. He transforms himself into a super villain and calls himself Motherfucker…yup…no typo…Motherfucker! *slap forehead. Since Motherfucker is fucking rich, he recruits his band of baddies. Wanna guess their names??? Read ahead and be ‘charmed’. I’ll give you a few…Mother Russia, Black Death and Genghis Carnage…haaaa….kan dah kata….nama memang giler siot, just like the movie! Toss in few nasty bloody fight scenes, some soft porn, loads profanities and you will be as confused as I am as to whether you should diss or ditch or amused at this Motherfucker of a movie. 
Amek ko! Nak sangat gaduh kan? Dush! Dush!
The cast… Chloë…this girl…she is something else…totally something else…heck you know what, I think it’s just matter of time before she hits bigger roles and Carrie (pun intended as she will be starring in the classic re-make) a movie on her own without the help of others. She just needs to be groomed a bit more and I pray she doesn’t end up like a certain Amanda Byrnes. As for Aaron…dude…please find better roles. Being handsome and having fab abs have short shelf life just so you know. I noticed some potential but it’s all but wasted for now. Jim Carrey…nope I refuse to touch on him, just see for yourself. The rest of the cast…if you can call it a cast was just sorta getting paid for being in the movie. Overall…I’m still confused…I liked it? I hated it? I don’t know… I seriously don’t. Perhaps you can watch and decide for yourself because it’s still kinda watchable. 

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