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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Pew Pew Pew!!!

So…here’s the deal, I walk pass the signboard almost every day and few times came close to aculi get to play this game. Before you think of sumting noti (which I don’t blame you!), I’m referring to the X-tion Park Signboard along my walkway to the lrt station and the game is paintball!
Briefing...listen listen listen

I finally got a chance to tembak and kena tembak courtesy of Magnum 4D. Not so long ago I saw their post of FB asking to register if wanna participate on one of their reach out program. First thing I checked was the location, X-tion Park, Bukit Jalil…emm…dekat je, ok lah tuh, then date and time, Sabtu 13th April at 8.30 am…emm…ok lah…doable lar! Then check balik tengok, alamak! Friday nite tuh dah promise anak ayam go clubbing lar! How liddet? Dah ler kena warning putus kawan if tak pegi, sumore I was still on recovery mode after being sick for almost a month! (I know! One month! Gila weh!) and then got another surprise, menang tiket tengok Axiata Cup on the same day at 2 pm! Laaaaaaaaa! Y lar when one thing happen, other things have to happen at the same time? Kalau tak tade mende langsung nak buat. Tapi takpe la. Dah menang kenot complain kan?

Friday came, lepas keje, balik rumah took short catnap, mandi, get ready then gi lepak with mini Krezi Krabi peopen. Lepas geram sket main ‘keyboard’. Pastu duduk tepi jalan ntah for how long wait for Milo’s (thanks for the transpotasi!) car. Sampai rumah titon.

Pagi besok or should I say few hours after I reached home, bangun balik, siap sedia for the battle! Since the place is nearby and I need my usual morning ‘walk’, mula lah nak jalan. I noticed there was another path to the place tapi macam tak konfiden jer nak lalu situ so pakai jalan yang kononnya I know the way la kan. Tapi jalan punya punya, sampai semput! Dah tu called my fren Zudy to sing her birday song, bad idea; lagi semput coz the idiot made me laff! Lepas short of breathness, I told her I will call her back. Then came the mother of mini hill climb! Cilaka betul bukit kecik tuh! Dah sia-sia je aku mandi. Peluh bagai nak rak.
My geng!

Finally made my way after walking for like 30 minutes and tu diaaaaaaaaaaa…..ocean of white chicken (call me racist but that’s how I refer if there’s too many Chinese people are around)! Best part, I was the only dark duck (see, I kutuk myself so how can you call me racist ey?) Anyways, since I’m oredi there, just look for a spot lar. Got complimentary brekpas so jom makan. Sambil makan tuh, I noticed a TSDO kaki, Sylvia Ong was there! Yeay! Got gang….well...not gang but at least I kenal one person ok lah kan? She saw my post on FB on decided to try out. Tak sangka ada juga orang nak stalk wall aku ek? kekeke… Anyway, turns out we were in the same team consisting of 7 member’s sebab tak cukup orang.
Lupa nama Abang ni tapi briefing dia memang bessss

Lepas dah walap nasi lemak, the briefing started. We were introduced to the gun, pallet, safety gear, rules and regulations. Macam-macam info kena absorb so early in the morning tapi abang yang bagi briefing tuh memang comei. Pandai explain so tak rasa takut sangat because even though it’s for fun, silap haribulan bole buta gak. By the sound of it memang fun giler. After that we entered the ‘battlefield’. Some team memang pro giler, siap ada their own helmet and stuff. Makkkkk!!! There were about 10 – 15 teams and it’s based on sudden death. My team members consisted of kanak-kanak ribena tapi takpe lah…I join oso for fun ma….
My team Ribena!
Lepas kena tembak

We started the first round…masa testing my gun was fine, tetiba dah game kenot fire…we were told to angkat tangan if got malfunction so I raised my hand lar. Next thing I know “Bang!” kena tembak rite ‘inside’ my right side ketiak! Adoi!!! Sakit giler woah. Bengong betul. Rest of the time, I hid belakang je. My team lost. Bleh…. Other teams went in and then it was our turn again…this time gun ok tapi still kena tembak right on my forehead pulak. Nasib baik helmet muka…kalu tak abis muka comel aku. Long story short, our team kantoi again but you know what? I had fun…memang fun giler. If only I had a proper team, confirm can win punya…hmm…perhaps some other time ey?
Weapon's hot
If tak pakai helmet abisssssss
Pick your gun!

Lepas dah tau we didn’t make it to the next semi-final round, I opt to cabut but the Magnum people told me, still got conso prize…ooooo….ok…hmm…then see later how lah…I have to go home and change for my next sporty event. Sylvia dropped me till the junction near the traffic lite and I dashed home. Quick shower and I was out of the house again. Remember the other path I mentioned earlier? Heck…I took that route and guess what? It lead terus to the ‘battlefield’. Hek eleh…takpelah…at least now I know kan?
Ehem ehem...
Makan jom!

Once I reached, the teams were having their lunch….yahoo….apa lagi? Serang lah…the food I mean. Tasty yummy food…then the final game…since I left halfway, I was not sure who was against who but in the end there was a winner. Lepas tuh prize giving ceremony. My team was 2nd from last. We each got RM30 each! Eh…not bad lah kan? Something better than nothing…if datang sendiri kena pay for the equipment and stuff kan? Ni dah free lepas tuh dapat duit lagi. After collect my ‘hadiah’, I terus cabut for Axiata cup semi-final against Malaysia and All Star team. Malaysia Won! Yeay!!!
Not bad ey?
Happy lepas dapat ang pow!

Thanks Magnum4D
Abang memang bes lar Bang!

 Dah abis paintball kan? Now let’s move on to another awesome outing. This time, I noticed Churp Churp was looking for Churpies to try the laser tag game. Waseh….lepas paintball got laser tag…heck why not ey? I signed up and was picked to participate, but get this, the Laser Tag game was on 31st May and the next day I had another ‘gun’ related competition, more on that later though. Let’s get into Churp PewPew dulu ek.
U no join u rugi lorrrrrrr

Signing her 'life' away....hehehe
I got to bring a partner and I went with Dian, konon nak training before the next day punya ‘After Earth Laser Tag Challenge’ pulak. I arrived quite early at the venue, Galatic Laser, Sunway Pyramid, so just lepak while wait for the rest of the participants to arrive. We were served with complimentary pizza and drink. Sambil makan tuh got briefing session on how to use the gun and stuff. Lepas tuh ice breaking session with rest of the Churpers.
Dengar baik-baik
It was fun getting to know some of the usual suspects even though this was my first Churpout. Lepas dah pecah ais. We were divided into teams. Since it’s been quite some time, I forgot the name of the team. After gearing up, we got ‘scanned into’ the ‘turf’. Gelap giler dowh! Memula terabur dono wat to do. There were this ‘tiny voice’ telling what is happening tapi once dah start main tembak je. Pew Pew Pew…Pew Pew Pew….pastu kena tembak gak! ‘Die Die Die’. Hehehe….it was kinda chaotic but damn fun. Lepas dah abis first round. We got out and saw the score….kuang kuang kuang…ok…let’s try harder for next round then. 
Ganas kan budak ni?
All semangat redy

Dono wat is so farney.... o.O

While the other teams had their turn, we lepak dulu. Update FB status, tweet and generous peeps of ChurpChurp had Instagram contest tapi too bad I iz no Insta so boohoo. Sambil tuh gelak talking about the first round. Damn fun, fun, fun! Abis turn kumpulan lain, our team went in again. This time a bit ‘organized’. Managed to avoid from being shot that much and also tembak quite a lot of ‘enemy’. Hide here, hide there, tembak here, tembak there. Best lak lepas geram shoot-shoot like this!
All set to enter the turf!
Poyo kan posing?

Unfortunately our team lost again so didn’t get to move on to the following round but it was heaps of fun! Kira happy gak dapat training and oredi plan to bring my gang to experience this awesome indoor game. Before moving on to the next round, the Instagram contest result was announced and guess what? Resident photog Dian won photobook for her awesome picture. Cewah! Cayalah! Dapat gak something ek? 

Lucky buggers!!!
After that, since it was getting kinda late, Dian and I left before the event came to an end.
Syiok giler after pew pew'ing!!!
Another one for the albummmmmm

Ok, lepas ni set nak join whatever event organized by ChurpChurp! Syiok giler spent time doing fun activities. Thanks a lot for picking my name and please pick my name again next time ek?
Smile everybodyyyyyyyyyy
Ehem ehem....

Thank you ChurpChurp

Vokey moving on to the next shooting activity, this time got the info from one of our Krezi Krabi Peopen, Suran. He found out about ‘After Earth Laser Tag Challenge’ organized by Sony Pictures Malaysia. Hadiah memang lumayan giler, trip to Gold Coast yo! Who dowan kan? So he started to recruit his team members. Per team kena ada 10 members but since it was kinda last minute, we only manage to kumpul 5 nuts. Dian, Suran, Melvin, Milo and I signed up and was pumped to naik halfway thru Genting till Awana for the battle. Melvin agreed to drive us there so he picked up Milo then I pastu we all go mum mum brekpas kat McD near Dian’s place where both she and Suran joined us. Lepas dah walap tuh mula rombongan Cik Kiah dalam kereta KIA! I sempat call Linora of Red Fm and made a shout out to our team.
U all ready o not wey?
Aim and shoot!
We didn’t know who the baki 5 members gonna be so once dah sampai, mula scan for any familiar faces. Hmm…few usual suspects were present. Some nampak pro giler, we? We were chilling, happy we got to see each other after quite a while. Then the registration process started. We were given ‘After Earth’ t shirt, backpack and some munchies. The five of us opt to wear Red kaler t shirt so tak jadi tuka baju lain. Lepas dah kumpul, we introduced ourselves to our new five (5) more members. Another Amirul and two (2) Chinese chicks and dudes (Sorry lupa their names oredi).
Bakal penembak!!!
Lepak dulu, update status...
The organizer started the briefing…errr….we thought it would an indoor laser tag like Churp Pew Pew but this one was outdoor pulak. On padang, totally different from what Dian and I imagined but takpe lah…we took it as another new experience. We picked Dian to be our team leader since dia paling ganas in our team. eheehe…lepas dah ajar how to use the ‘gun’ and how the ‘hat’ works. Maka bermulalah preliminary battle.
Perasan tak budak poyo sekor tuh?
Lucky gun???
I forgot how many teams were there in total but each get to go for two (2) rounds before determining who scores the highest point to move on to the next stage. We watched few teams go before us and picked up few pointers. Mula-mula blur giler…tembak mende ni? Tak paham wey! Gulp. Sooner than later, our teams turn came up so masuk padang with no expectation at all. Janji have fun dah.
U jaga kanan, I jaga kiri okie!
Melvin and Dian covering each other!
“One, Two Three…..Start”….pew pew pew….haaaaaa amek ko….ntah apa aku buat main tembak je while try to elak from getting shot at. Seriously I had no idea WTF was going on tapi adalah, tembak, elak till one by one kena halau keluar sebab dah mati. Errrr….it seems am still alive so tembak, reload, tembak, elak…till last one ‘died’. We thought, that’s it lah….gone case…tetiba organizer announced our team won by few points!
Stylo milo Amirul ni yo!!!
Happy giler lepas win first round!!!
Amirul in action!
Wheeeeeeeerrrrrrttttttttttttttttt??? Really ah? Cewah….semangat giler wey masa tuh, like we won the whole competition pulak dah! Kekekeke….ok ok…we got this. Just hafta strategize a bit then I think we should be ok. We lepak discuss about our next tactic while cheer for our friends team and oso picking up valuable moves. We went against another team and guess what? We won again! Woot! Woot! Giler siot! Dari Underdogs to Rottweiler redy. Woof Woof. Suddenly our semangat start to spur even more.
Amacam? Ada berani???
Owh Yeah!!!
After finding out we made it to the next round, we chill a bit and not too long after it was lunch time and while other teams chow to walap lunch, our team kena tahan kejap to record some aksi to come on tv. Melvin siap kena interview lagi yo! Lepas tuh we were treated to yummy buffet lunch. Apa lagi? Walap lar! Nom nom nom, sedap tuh. Tambah lagi.  Tambah lagi. Lepas dah kenyang, it was back to battlefield.
Devi's team!!!
Dian went to draw our next opponent and jeng jeng jeng or should I say kuang kuang kuang…our team had to go against Devi’s team. Gulp….shiteeeeeee…how liddet? Mau tamo kena gak ‘lawan’ kan? By then my tummy oredi start acting out, yup…Aunty Flo decided to show up at the ‘perfect’ time. Bengong betul!!! I tried not to die and we went in to face our frenemy. Memang sengit punya persaingan and in the end our team moved on to the quarter final. Bittersweet victory that was but it really made us more semangat to enter the final. 
Fuyooooo Milooooooo!!!
Ehem ehem....eehehehe
Shooting Suran!!!
We watched other teams battling it out again and then time to face our rival again. This team memang nampak ganas dowh, like professional snipers and they were that good. In no time our team lost the first round and fell in second round. That’s it….sigh…so close yet to far. Yet the organizer was very impressed with our team. They said we lost to the best team. Owh well, ok lah kalu macam tuh? No hard feeling but sedih lar. Yang penting we had fun! Lepas dah confirm we were out. Kitaorang pun chow lar. Too sad to stay back and tengok orang lain take away ‘our hadiah’. I also was hanging by the thread before nak pitam!
Kao kao defending!!!
On the way back, we stopped kejap to buy some strawberries and then aku almost pengsan till we reached McD and Dian and Suran left while Melvin zoomed to send me home so I can finally pass out on my bed! So….that’s it…my not one but three amazing shooting action experience. 
Team Underdog that almost won!!! Good job guys & gurls!!!
Menang kalah tak kisah janji have fun as always. I want to thank the organizers for this amazing opportunity to test my shooting skills. Till next time. Stay safe! 

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