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Monday, 12 August 2013

The Smurfs 2 review

Let's Smurf this one more time!

The Smurfs 2 review – Word of caution, after watching Smurf 2 you might go “Hackus leaking... Hackus don’t like leaking” or “La la la la laaaaa... sing a happy song… (Not that it’s bad), I mean it is The Smurfs after all. I remember I used to wake up early on weekends to catch Papa Smurf and the gang fight off Gargamel and his mischievous cat, Azreal.
Know your Smurf!
As this is a sequel, you will see the familiar Smurfs such as Papa, Clumsy, Brainy, Grouchy, Smurfette and the rest at their mushroom home. Meanwhile, Gargamel have hit all-time fame performing magic tricks in Paris using the left over Smurf-essence. Smurf’s human friend, Patrick and Grace are parents to a boy called ‘Blue’….geee….I wonder where they go the idea for the name from. Smurfette has a recurring ‘nightmare’ that she does not belong with the rest of the Smurf. Papa Smurf convince her otherwise.
Smurf goes French!
On her birthday while the rest of the blue beings was planning for her surprise birthday party. Gargamel sends of over Vexy, one half of the Naughties he created to kidnap Smurfette in order the get the formula to produce Smurf-essence. Papa and rest of the gang travel to find Patrick to help them with their quest to bring back Smurfette. All the while, Patrick is faced with his own father issue when his step-dad decides to meddle into things. The whole gang then travels to Paris to figures out Gargamel’s evil plan to take over the world. Yup, it’s not rocket science, just simple story line for current generation to enjoy almost two hours in the cinema with their parents.
Krezi kitty!!!
The voice talent was spot on as usual, Katy Perry’s ‘talking voice’ is totally different from her singing tone. While Christina Ricci’s contribution to be Vexy was barely recognizable (in a good way). The rest of Smurf ‘sound’ matched their personality of the blue fellas. The human characters were also well-matched. Hank Azaria could do no wrong as the bad wizard. Special mention for Azreal for ‘his’ witty reaction to Gargamel’s sometimes silly mishaps. Since it’s the school holidays, take you little ones and re-live your own childhood memory once again.  

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