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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Unbeatable Review

Ready for loads of punching action!!! Kapow!!!

Unbeatable Review – Ok before the usual review, here’s some rambling first. I can’t remember the last time I went to cinema to catch a Chinese movie…wait let me think…hmm…mmm…nope…seriously memang tak ingat, so when I got invitation to catch this Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) film, I was contemplating if I should let it pass. What a big loss that would have been! It was nice to hear Chinese dialects being used in the movie as it switched location between Hong Kong and Macau. The usual Mandarin and Cantonese (which I understand bits and pieces) plus few other Hongkey languages.
Don't play play woah!!!
The story revolves around Fai who is has been Champion in the boxing world that got carried away and end up with huge debts. He gets a chance to turn his life around when his friend offers him job as a janitor cum fitness instructor at his Gym. Fai rents a room with a women, Gwen who has suffered from serious trauma and her witty daughter, Dan. While minding his business, a determined young ‘leng chai’ enters his life bugging him to be his ‘Sifu’ and teach him how to become a MMA fighter. This ‘leng chai’, Qi have his own reason to ‘risk’ his handsome face getting punched. His father was a rich man gone bankrupt and succumb into drinking binge and Qi is trying to send message to his Dad to ‘get up’ and move on.
Bonding like no other
Fai finally gives way and train Qi while helping Gwen and Dan around the house. He forms family kinda bond with this three people. Qi wins a few matches but when he was so close to score the big prize, he gets whacked ‘kao kao’ and ends up almost losing his life. The silver lining was Qi’s father realize his son’s determination and comes to his senses. Meanwhile, for Fai, things at ‘home’ starts to fall apart when his ‘Ah long’ locate his ‘hiding’ place makes a big mess. In order to recover from the entire crappy situation, Fai decides to get back into training and enter the competition himself. I can’t write much or else it would spoil the story but one thing for sure this movie is worth watching, in my opinion anyway.
Amek ko! Amek ko! Amek ko!
The cast was so damn ‘Hooooow yeah’ one. Fai, Qi, Gwen, Dan…heck even the ‘kurang ajar’ cum ‘ganas’ punya contender played his part damn well. Fai as former boxing Champion turned loser and then emerging as a winner, Qi as rookie taekwando cinapek into instant MMA fighter, Gwen as a devastated wife cum disturbed mother and Dan as annoying but cute as button little wonder. Insert jokes, slight drama and loads of punching, kicking, ‘upper cut’, ‘locking’ fighting scenes and you get a Chinese version of almost the Hollywood flick ‘Million Dollar Baby’.  
Meh sini ko!!! Taste my kick!!!
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