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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Elysium Review

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Elysium Review – What would you do if you live in a ‘shitty’ planet working for scraps with tones of criminal records and on top of that get exposed to lethal dosage of radiation at work which leaves you with only have five (5) days to live unless you get your arse over to an artificial ‘living environment’ called ‘Elysium’ controlled by rich basterds? That’s a pretty long and hard question to answer ey? Well, that’s the situation Max Da Costa (Matt Damon) has to face living in ‘future Earth’ ravaged by sickness and on the brink of destruction. He wants to get to the Exclusive Elysium to ‘cure’ his ‘cancer’ (talk about job hazard!). Just to survive the journey, he gets ‘fixed’ with ‘Transformers’ like wires and whatnot onto his body, get this, he even got a ‘monitor’ behind his bald head which can ‘transfer data’ into his brain!
Amek ko...kalah Robocop!

Of course the high-class peoples who paid gazillion dollars does not want sick, ugly, dirty people from Earth to pollute their paradise like place. The perfect person in charge of their security is non-other than Secretary of Defense Delacourt (Jodie Foster) who will use all mean of action to stop the ‘illegal immigrants’ from invading Elysium’s air space. Heck she even works up a deal to ‘take over’ Elysium from ‘incompetent leaders’ and that’s when she cross path with Max. Hot on Max’s heel is C.M. Kruger (Sharlto Copley) who turns the table around in the game of greed and power.

Main cast at Comi-Con
Matt Damon’s Max was kicking arse at every attempt to bring him down. He was weak when he got whacked but rose up when he had to step up. I couldn’t think of anybody else who could have played Max character better than him. Another worthy mention would be Sharlto Copley who played Kruger, this dude with his farney South African accent stole in the scenes he was in and literally ‘blew’ his face to commit to this role! Jodie Foster however (I was sooooooo looking forward to see her after a loooooooooong time) disappointed me with her robot-like acting. At one point I wanted to ‘get into the screen and slap her’, just to see if she can feel any pain or not. Even after she get stabbed still kayu giler….Y Jodie? Y??? Sigh….
Would you want to live here?

The storyline pretty much sums up what is already happening in our World now. The rich get richer while the poor gets neglected and left to fend for themselves. If you can make it, then good for you or else just wait till your number is up. Humans are slowly kinda loosing it’s humanity as we speak but hopefully it won’t reach to the stage portrayed in this movie. Let us not get caught up with material and money that we forgot human values. Catch your ride to Elysium before it leaves the cinema.

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