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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Riddick Face the Darkness Review

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Riddick Face the Darkness Review – I’m not a big fan of Vin Petrol eh I mean Vin Diesel but since I won more than the preview tickets for this flick, I had to force myself to watch this film. I didn’t even bother to catch the first two movies from these series so I had no idea what I was walking into except that it starred Vin Diesel. It was a good thing tough because believe it or not, it was not a bad watch, better than Mortal Instrument, City of Bones if you ask me.
Pagi buta, tapi malam terang jugak!
Vin returns as Richard B. Riddick, sabotaged and ditched in a planet that is ‘not Furya’ swarmed with icky looking aliens and dogs that looked like a cross breed between a zebra, hyena and err…dog. He finds his way to a ‘better’ environment and sends signal to outer space for a ‘ride’ back home. Since he had a hefty prize, bounty killer comes looking to ‘put his head in a box’ and collect the reward. Little did these bastards realize, Riddick is a one man army and starts ‘taking them’ out one by one in every painful way. Imagine getting caught in the ‘perangkap samar sampai putus into two or getting your head ‘cut off’….yeap…those scenes did curiously passed our censorship board scissors along with tons of ‘fuck fuck fuck’…the cast practically add that word in almost all their sentence.
Guess who dies and who lives?
Give the man with some Lady Gaga’esque ‘contact lens’ which works well in the dark add in some silly and senseless killing and voila….you could have used the money to produce this movie to feed loads of poor hungry children. The acting was so-so. The story was so-so, CGI was….yup…so-so….so…You see where I’m going with this? Watch it, ditch it…up to you but I have a feeling Riddick will be back with his goggles soon and I’m not jumping in joy about it.  
Told you it looked icky! Not to be confused with Alien from 'Alien' series

 Thank you The Capital TV for the awesome goodies!!! 
One barang missing but alas not a bad hadiah! :)


  1. Very fun, even if it is terribly-written and as dumb as you can get. Nice review.