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Monday, 9 September 2013

Paranoia Review

U can run, but you can't hide

Paranoia Review – Whenever you buy a mobile phone, have you ever wondered how the heck did the ‘people’ behind the technology came up with the brilliant ideas? Think about it, just few years ago, it was in the size of a brick that could break your head used to make/receive calls only and have since  transformed into an essential part of our daily life. You can practically ‘do’ anything with this gadget. Heck, people even sleep hugging their phone these days!
Oldies and newbies
The story is about a hot shot Adam Cassidy (Liam Hemsworth) who is tired of his stagnant work life so he yearns to join the rat race and make it big time in a telecommunication company. With an ailing father to look after, he together with his ‘team’ pitch an idea to their employer with hope of moving up the ladder instead they were shown the exit door. Pissed with result, Adam decides to ‘treat’ his friends using his Ex-employers ‘charge card’ and racks up the bill. He gets caught and in order to escape from the ‘debt’ he is secretly re-hired by his Ex-employer to ‘spy’ on the competitor. Both Nicholas Wyatt (Gary Oldman) and Jock Goddard (Harrison Ford) used to be business partners turned arch enemy. With the temptation of luxury and leisure beyond his imagination, Adam agrees. Next thing he know, he is caught up in bigger scheme of things. He has to decide if he should get deeper into the mess or get out alive but face the consequences of his action.
Can you say yummy?

Now, the cast…Liam was ok playing a desperate dude with big dreams but gets caught in a dangerous game pretty well. This boy could carry a movie with right stories. He is quite talented just like his brother ‘Thor’. It was nice to see Gary Oldman back on the screen with his posh English accent. Meanwhile, Harrison Ford looks like a prune out of the water. Damn ‘Indy’, you so old ready wey! These three main roles were well suited for them. The rest of the supporting cast, such a Amber ‘Johnny Depp’s current squeeze’ Heard, Richard ‘Jaws’ Dreyfuss, Josh ‘Lost’ Holloway, Julian 'Nip/Tuck' McMohan did a decent job too. The story was quite interesting to watch showing the story behind ruthless corporate world where ‘everybody steals from everybody’.
Trust no one!
If you are into IT and want to learn few pointers on how to survive in the fast phase trade world, you might want to spend some time learning from the ‘big’ players from this movie. It might even give you some ideas to maneuver your way up the peak of success. Short cuts will only get you so far and it’s a scary drop if you don’t build strong foundation on your way to the top. 
Ruthless cats and tikussss

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